Summary: This portion of scripture shows how God's grace affects the hearts of people

Intro: We began last time talking about the exodus as a continuation of Genesis. We see that the creation story did not end it just continued into its fulfilment in the redemption story. Last week we saw a lot of hands involved. God’s hands that placed Israel right where He wanted them. Pharaoh’s hands that placed Israel under great oppression and hard labor. Shiprah and Puah’s hands that placed the grace of God over the lives of the infants.

We must not ignore Exodus 1:22 it gives us the unforgiveable command from Pharaoh for the people of Israel to throw all their baby boys into the Nile. I hope you recognize this for what it is, it is a death sentence on the boys but also on the people of Israel. It could have been the hopes of the Pharaoh with the boys gone the girls would intermarry with the Egyptians and therefore slowly cease to exist.

Last week we saw the hands of God and the hands of people. Today we will see how God’s grace affects the hearts of people.

I. God’s heart revealed in His definite plan

God has had a plan for man from the beginning of creation. His plan was for us to bear His image and to represent and rule this planet for Him. Last week we learned that Genesis reveals the constant and consistent failure of man to fulfill that plan.

Just because men fail doesn’t mean God has given up on his plan. Genesis is the creation story with the emphasis of creation. Exodus is the creation story with the emphasis of redemption.

We see God’s heart clearly in this definite plan for man’s redemption.

Joseph and Israel were not in Egypt for slavery and captivity they were in Egypt because of God’s plan to rescue them first from famine and then from Pharaoh.

Today we honor our mothers. I hope that you see the great importance you have in God’s plan for man’s salvation. Our culture today is constantly trying to minimize and demoralize women that have a desire to stay home and nurture their children or grandchildren. Today we will see that the role of a nurturing mother is exactly where God wants some of you to be.

The beauty of God’s heart is that all the people in God’s plan are important. If we pay close enough attention to this story God’s plans for you are specific. God’s plans for Moses was for him to deliver Israel. God’s plan for Jochebed, Moses mother, was to be a mother to Moses.

God has a specific plan for all of us. We need to be careful that we don’t rebel against His plan for us. Not all of us are meant to be a Moses or Miriam or Aaron. Not all of us are designed by God to be Billy Graham, Dr Adrian Rogers, Chuck Swindol. Not all of us are meant to be Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry. Not all of us were meant to be Martha Stewart, Rachel Ray or Paula Dean.

However as we look at this story of redemption we see into God’s heart that we are all invited to be part of the process of making Moses’. Never see your small part in God’s story as unimportant.

II. Jochebed’s heart revealed in her desperate faith

A) The courage to obey God

What amazing faith Jochebed had. She was married and concived a child. To understand we have to read the Pharaoh’s command in Exodus 1:22 “Pharaoh then commanded all his people: “You must throw every son born to the Hebrews into the Nile, but let every daughter live.”

This was a death sentence for the boys of Israel. It was also a death sentence of Israel. If the boys were all gone then the girls would intermarry with Egyptian males and soon Israel would cease to exist.

What courage it took to have a child in a culture of death. Mothers I commend you because you children and grandchildren were and are born into a culture of death. Abortion is the clear and apparent danger. There is also the danger of the devil drawing them away from God. Make no mistake Immanuel we live in a culture of death.

If we are going to live for Jesus, make no mistake we will come in direct conflict with our culture.

If you don’t believe me look at what is going on in North Carolina. North Carolina passed a law that you can only use bathrooms that correspond to you biological sex. The federal government has warned action against the state because it supposedly violates Civil Rights Law.

Under the culture of death can you imagine what was going through the mind of Jochebed? What are we going to do if it’s a boy?

When Moses is born some would ask, “Doesn’t God know there is a death sentence on boys what on earth is He doing?”

God wants to make sure that we know that the laws and decrees of man mean nothing before His plan!!

Why does God allow bad things happen to good people?

1) There are no good people in God’s eyes

Remember we are all under the death sentence. Romans 3:23

We are not under the death sentence because of nationality, political affiliation or racial heritage.

2) God had a plan for Moses for it to work Moses had to be born under the death sentence. (What a picture of God’s grace)

The devil has a plan and it is to destroy the family structure!

B) The courage to defy Pharaoh

The baby is born and it’s a boy. Here it says the boy was beautiful. Now moms how many of you think you babies are ugly? None of us of course. This doesn’t seem to be a good understanding of why Jochebed defied Pharaoh.

Acts 7 in Stephen’s sermon tells us He was beautiful in God’s sight. Another translation tells us Moses was no ordinary child. God had a special, specific plan for him.

In direct defiance of Pharaoh’s decree she hid her child, according to Hebrews, for three months. How do we know it was by faith? Hebrews 11:23 By faith they hid Moses, and did not fear the kings edict.”

Finally she could hide him no more. Desperate times lead to desperate measures.

There comes a point in time where we can no longer insulate or isolate our children from the culture and influence of the world.

So what to do?

A) She placed Moses in a basket

Partial Obedience – She prepared a papyrus basket and made it water tight.

She placed Moses in the reeds with her daughter Miriam to watch over him. Now imagine how crazy this is! God’s entire plan of redemption is resting in a wicker basket with a little boy in the Nile!

Moses later recognized God’s hand when he wrote this and used the word tĕbăh which is only used in the OT when talking about Noah’s ark. God used the desperate measures of a mother to save her child.

B) She provided Moses with a baby sitter

Along with the basket Jochebed sent Moses’ sister to watch over him. Miriam was there to see what would happen to Moses. Imagine her surprise when Pharaoh’s daughter walks down the bank of the Nile.

III. Pharaoh’s daughter’s heart revealed in her deep compassion

A) Pharaoh’s daughter was not like her daddy.

She was willing to ignore her father’s orders because of a Mothers heart. Isn’t that just like God?

God used a woman of the people who feared and hated the Hebrew people to rescue them!

She was smitten with baby Moses and had compassion on him. Understand that God is able to move any heart for His purpose and plan.

Realistic nature of the story is seen in the way Pharaoh’s daughter is described. Scholars like to quote the story of Sargon the 1st of Akkad. The copy that we have of it was written somewhere in the 7th centery BC. That would be almost 700 years after the exodus.

B) Pharaoh’s daughter was used of God to prepare the deliverer

Pharaoh had decreed that the wasters of the Nile would destroy the people of Israel. God determined that Moses would be rescued from the waters and Israel through the waters!

1) Miriam’s quick thinking

Exodus 2:7 Miriam runs up to the Pharaoh’s daughter and offers to get a wet nurse for her. What a courageous young lady.

2) God’s amazing grace

Pharaoh’s daughter agrees to have Moses nursed. That happened in that day till about 4 years old. Why do we see Moses choosing God’s people over Egypt’s when he is 40? He was raised in the fear and instruction of God at His mother’s feet.

God is trying to let us know there is no plan, decree or command of man that He cannot override or better yet use for His glory and His plan!

God’s hand is involved in the story of man to move people’s hearts for the salvation of people!

a) Moses was prepared spiritually by his own mother

b) Moses was prepared to rule and fight by Egypt

What exactly is God trying to do?

He is trying to build trust. He wants us to trust Him.

What does that require if of us?

1) We may have to abandon some practices, principles, etc

2) We may have to adopt some things.

Conclusion: God hands are constantly working on people’s hearts.