Summary: Jesus was unlike any other so-called god or person in history because He did not stay dead – Jesus God in flesh died! – But death did not consume Him or contain Him. He rose up from it in power – WHY? - So we could also be set free from death!

Video: Not Another Dead God


On Friday night in our Good Friday Service we left with Jesus being martyred/killed on a horrible cross and placed in a tomb. I told you Sunday night to keep an eye on the rock! Good Friday is the day Jesus – or God died! We were just reminded in our drama what Jesus went through at His crucifixion – His death – on Good Friday night we looked at 5 dimensions of His death symbolized with the items in this black bag – which represents His death!

The cloth with SIN on it in red symbolizes the words “Crucify Him!” his death sentence.

The splinter of wood – which represents the cross.

The nails represent the torment and pain we went through on the cross. But the nails did not keep Him on the cross love did.

The vile of red water symbolizes His blood – the blood which cleanses our soul from sin and makes us Holy.

The stone which represents the rock which was placed in front of the tomb!

Highlight how we need to check the rock again ---- my point from Good Friday:

i. Are you wondering about how to receive eternal life?

1. Check the Rock?

ii. Are you wondering what Easter is all about?

1. Check the Rock!

iii. Are you wondering how to be set free from your fear of death?

1. Check the Rock!

iv. Are you wondering how to be set free from your addictions?

1. Check the Rock/

v. Are you wondering about how to be delivered from the sting of death?

1. Check the Rock!

vi. Are you wondering why Christianity is different than other religions?

1. Check the Rock!

vii. Are you wondering if Christianity is relevant to you today?

1. Check the Rock!

viii. Are you wondering if Jesus is God?

1. Check the Rock!

ix. Are you wondering if Jesus is who he said he is?

1. Check the Rock!

x. Are you wondering if Jesus really conquered death?

1. Check the Rock!

xi. Are you wondering if Jesus is alive today?

1. Check the Rock!

xii. Are you wondering if Jesus will speak to you today?

1. Check the Rock!

xiii. Are you wondering if he is coming again?

1. Check the Rock!

xiv. Are you wondering if he keeps his promises?

1. Check the Rock!

xv. Are you wondering why we love him so?

1. Check the Rock!

xvi. Do you want to see that Jesus is not another dead god?

1. Check the Rock - keep an eye on the rock!

2. The pivotal point that sets Christianity apart from all other religions is the removal of the rock and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

3. Jesus Christ was crucified (Killed, murdered). He died just like he said he would in Luke 9:22 "And he said, ‘The Son of Man must suffer many things and be rejected by the elders, chief priests, and teachers of the law, and he must be killed and on the third day be raised to life."

I challenged you to understand this divine point – We need to understand there needed to be a death before there could ever be a resurrection to new life – to eternal life! Sin always demands a blood sacrifice!

Easter Series: Not Another Dead God!

Thesis: Jesus was unlike any other so-called god or person in history because He did not stay dead – Jesus God in flesh died! – But death did not consume Him or contain Him. He rose up from it in power – WHY? - So we could also be set free from death!


The question of Jesus to his followers “Who do you say I am?” That's the question you have to answer for yourself today – who is Jesus to me?

Jesus - God in the flesh’s death has been debated for centuries! People have been trying to keep Jesus dead and have continually tried to promote the lie that God is dead – they want to deny this historic event in history – this pinnacle moment of Christianity and of new life for eternity!

The same Spirit which motivated the crowd to cry Crucify Him” is still screaming that today through various, media groups, books, newspapers, magazines and talk shows.

The most famous challenge to the death of God in our century is Time magazines edition from April 8,1966: I was 7 years old when this hit the streets. But what a buzz it created!

Just last year TIME made a big deal again about this issue’s 50th anniversary and many of the liberal scholars who contributed to this issue were pushing their point that “God is Dead.”

See the power point slide of the cover of TIME:

The message of God dying in America is a fabricated lie – spoken by the same spirit that motivated the crowd to say “Crucify Him!” Yes people still want to kill Jesus off so they don’t have to follow His Word – The Bible – They say He is no longer relevant in a modern day world – everything has changed and make belief in Him – foolish – old fashion – wrong or even evil - They say He is a myth – a concept from our own imagination - but not a reality!

Wow – they are still trying to kill Jesus off to silence His message – God in the flesh – the secular world wants Jesus – dead – totally dead – totally wiped away from the historical record of history – totally silenced.

The attack on God – Created a major out cry from the Christian community and it was a fierce response and the main results were two Christian films made to specifically refute this lie “Is God Dead?” – The movies were “God’s Not Dead” and “God’s Not Dead 2” – Newsboys wrote their famous song, “God’s Not Dead” as well. They also went on tour with this message “God’s Not Dead.”

Newsboys song: “God’s Not Dead!”

Let love explode and bring the dead to life

A love so bold to see a revolution somehow

Let love explode and bring the dead to life

A love so bold to bring a revolution somehow

Now I'm lost in Your freedom

In this world I'll overcome


My God's not dead

He's surely alive

He's living on the inside

Roaring like a lion

Roaring, He's roaring, roaring like a lion

Let hope arise and make the darkness hide

My faith is dead I need resurrection somehow

Now I'm lost in Your freedom

In this world I'll overcome


My God's not dead

He's surely alive

He's living on the inside

Roaring like a lion

Roaring, He's roaring, roaring like a lion

He's roaring, He's roaring


Let heaven roar

And fire fall

Come shake the ground

With the sound

Of revival


My God's not dead

He's surely alive

He's living on the inside

Roaring like a lion

He's roaring, He's roaring, He's roaring like a lion [2x]

Since this false promotion of “God’s demise and death” many other movies, books, articles, messages, sermons have been hitting the streets today: The message is clear --- “God is not dead!”

The message of God’s faked death was refuted over and over this last year!

Which leads to our sermon series for this Easter: “Not Another Dead God!”

Jesus life - death – resurrection – and ascension are all so unique in the history of the world, so different in light of what others have said about being a god or the beliefs of others in mythological tales of other god’s.

Time itself was and is divided around Jesus life! Many are trying to change that today – the secular history books are removing BC – Before Christ and AD – Latin for “In the year of the Messiah” to BCE – Before Common Era and CE – Common Era to try to do away with Jesus and God! They are still trying to kill Jesus 2,000 years after His resurrection from the dead! They want to silence His words and His message!

In my research this week I came across an article written by an atheist who was trying to deny God, Jesus and the message of Christianity. He cites the essay of H.L. Menchen, “Graveyard of Dead Gods” He even lists all these gods by name in the article – to make his point:

Here is the list (see power point screen):

Aa, Aah, Abil Addu, Addu, Adeona, Adjassou-Linguetor, Adjinakou, Adya Houn'tò, Agassou, Agé, Agwé, Ahijah, Ahti, Aizen Myo-o, Ajisukitakahikone, Ak Ana, Aken , Aker , Äkräs, Aku, Allatu, Altjira, Amano-Iwato, Ame-no-Koyane, Am-heh, Amihan, Amon-Re, Amun, Amurru, Anapel, Anath, Andjety, Anhur, Anit, Anu, Anubis, Apsu, Arianrod, Ash , Ashtoreth, Assur, Astarte, Aten, Atum, Ayida-Weddo, Ayizan, Azaka Medeh, Azaka-Tonnerre, Azumi-no-isora, Baal, Bacalou, Badessy, Bagadjimbiri, Bahloo, Baiame, Bakunawa, Bamapana, Banaitja, Ba-Pef, Baron Cimetière, Baron La Croix, Baron Samedi, Barraiya, Bata , Bathala, Bau, Beltis, Beltu, Belus, Bernardo Carpio, Bes, Biamie, Bilé, Binbeal, Boli Shah, Bossou Ashadeh, Budai, Budai, Bugady Musun, Bugid Y Aiba, Bunjil, Cai Shen, Ceros, Chenti-cheti, Chi You, Chimata-No-Kami, Chun Kwan, Cihang Zhenren, City god, Clermeil, Congo (loa), Consus, Cronos, Cunina, Dagan, Dagda, Dagon, Daikokuten, Damballa, Dan Petro, Dan Wédo, Dauke, Dea Dia, Dhakhan, Diable Tonnere, Diana of Ephesus, Diejuste, Dimmer, Dinclinsin, Dragon King, Dragon King of the East Sea, Duamutef, Dumu-zi-abzu, Ea, Ebisu, Edulia, El, Elali, Elder Zhang Guo, Elum, Engurra, Enki, Enma, En-Mersi, Enurestu, Erlang Shen, Erzulie, Ezili Dantor, Fan Kuai, Fei Lian, Feng Bo, Four sons of Horus, Fu Lu Shou, Fu Xi, Fujin, Fukurokuju, Furrina, Futsunushi, Gasan lil, Gasan-abzu, Goibniu, Gong Gong, Govannon, Gran Maître, Grand Bois, Guan Yu, Guangchengzi, Gunfled, Gwydion, Hachiman, Hadad, Hakudo Maru, Han Xiang, Hapi, Hapy, Heka , Hemen, Hermanubis, Hermes , Heryshaf, Hoderi, Hongjun Laozu, Hoori, Horus, Houyi, Huang Feihu, Hung Shing, Iah, Ibong Adarna, Iku-Turso, Ilmatar, Ilmatar, Imhotep, Imset, Iron-Crutch Li, Isis, Istar, Isum, Iuno Lucina, Izanagi, Jade Emperor, Jar'Edo Wens, Ji Gong, Julana, Jumala, Jupiter, Juroujin, Kaawan, Kagu-tsuchi, Kalfu, Kalma, Kara Khan, Karora, Kerridwen, Khaltesh-Anki, Khepri, Khnum, Khonsu, Kidili, Kini'je, Kitchen God, Kneph, Kojin, Ksitigarbha, Kui Xing, Kuk, Kumakatok, Kuski-banda, Kuu, Ku'urkil, Lagas, Lan Caihe, Lei Gong, Leizhenzi, Lempo, Ler, Li Jing , L'inglesou, Llaw Gyffes, Lleu, Loco (loa), Lü Dongbin, Lugal-Amarada, Maahes, Ma-banba-anna, Mademoiselle Charlotte, Maîtresse Délai, Maîtresse Hounon'gon, Maman Brigitte, Mamaragan, Mami, Mamlambo, Manawyddan, Mandulis, Mangar-kunjer-kunja, Marassa Jumeaux, Marduk, Maria Cacao, Maria Makiling, Maria Sinukuan, Marinette, Mars, Marzin, Matet boat, Mayari, Mbaba Mwana Waresa, Meditrina, Mehen, Melek, Memetona, Menthu, Merodach, Mider, Mielikki, Min , Molech, Mombu, Morrigu, Mounanchou, Mulu-hursang, Mu-ul-lil, Muzha , Na Tuk Kong, Nana Buluku, Naunet, Nebo, Nehebkau, Nergal, Nezha , Nga, Nin, Ninib, Ninigi-no-Mikoto, Nin-lil-la, Nin-man, Nio, Nirig, Ni-zu, Njirana, Nogomain, Nuada Argetlam, Numakulla, Num-Torum, Nusku, Nu'tenut, Nyyrikki, Odin, Ogma, Ogoun, Ogoun, Ogyrvan, Ohoyamatsumi, Okuninushi, Omoikane (Shinto), Ops, Osiris, Pa-cha, Pangu, Papa Legba, Peko, Perkele, Persephone, Petbe, Pie (loa), Pluto, Potina, Ptah, Pugu, Pundjel, Pwyll, Qarradu, Qebehsenuef, Qin Shubao, Qingxu Daode Zhenjun, Ra, Raijin, Randeng Daoren, Rauni , Resheph, Rigantona, Robigus, Royal Uncle Cao, Ryujin, Saa, Sahi, Samas, Sarutahiko, Saturn, Sebek, Seker, Serapis, Sesmu, Shakpana, Shalem, Shangdi, Shango, Sharrab, Shen , Shennong, Shezmu, Shina-Tsu-Hiko, Simbi, Sin, Sirtumu, Sobek, Sobkou, Sojobo, Sokk-mimi, Sopdu, Sousson-Pannan, Statilinus, Suijin, Suiren, Suqamunu, Susanoo, Tagd, Taiyi Zhenren, Tala, Tam Kung, Tammuz, Tapio, Tenenet, Tengu, Tenjin, Theban Triad, Thoth, Ti Jean Quinto, Ti Malice, Tian, Ti-Jean Petro, Tilmun, Todote, Toko'yoto, Tomam, Tu Di Gong, Tu Er Shen, Tuonetar, Tuoni, Ubargisi, Ubilulu, U-dimmer-an-kia, Ueras, Ugayafukiaezu, U-ki, Ukko, UKqili, Umai, U-Mersi, Umvelinqangi, Ungud, Unkulunkulu, Ura-gala, U-sab-sib, Usiququmadevu, U-Tin-dir-ki, U-urugal, Vaisravana, Vaticanus, Vediovis, Vellamo, Venus, Vesta, Wadj-wer, Wen Zhong , Weneg, Wenshu Guangfa Tianzun, Wepwawet, Werethekau, Wollunqua, Wong Tai Sin, Wuluwaid, Xargi, Xaya Iccita, Xevioso, Xuan Wu , Yama, Yau, Yemaja, Youchao, Yuanshi Tianzun, Yuchi Jingde, Yunzhongzi, Zagaga, Z

There are 500 dead gods listed! Wow that’s a lot of dead gods! But I noticed Jesus – God the Father was not on the list!

His argument against us Christians is basically summarized in this statement: “In the course of human history, there have been countless other believers in gods different from and mutually exclusive to your god. They were all sure that their god was the only or best game in town. They felt the same conviction you do. They thought their religion had the privileged place in history like you do…So a reasonable person would have to ask herself: If my god and his relationship to me in history looks just like their god and his relationship to them, and if their god isn’t real, what exactly makes mine different? Is it reasonable to think that mine is different and that it’s only me and the tiny group of people who happen to believe just like I do that you got it right?”

I must admit she asks a few good questions: “Why do you believe in your Triune God: God the Father/Jesus the Son/Holy Spirit – How do you know He is the right one and not any of these other dead gods from history?”

The word “WHY?” screams at us this Resurrection Sunday! “Why?” Jesus! Why Christianity? How do you know He is not just another dead god?

You could be thinking: “How do you know God is not dead?”

I will answer with a few simple thoughts today because of what happened on Good Friday with Jesus death and then His amazing Resurrection which we celebrate today!

1. How do I know God’s not dead? Billions will celebrate His Resurrection today worldwide!

a. A simple answer would be based from the comment this atheist author made about our tiny group of people – Christians!

i. Today just in the world today (this year) there is an estimated 2.2 Billion followers of Jesus – Islam is second with 1.6 billion today.

ii. We are the largest in the world today!

iii. If my data is correct since Jesus life- death and resurrection there has been an estimated 10 plus billion followers of Jesus through out history and it keeps climbing every year!

1. The largest group in the history of the world!

iv. The world has seen 106 billion people come and go since creation – But Christianity/Judaism has the largest number of adherents in this time frame and it just keeps climbing!

1. We are not a tiny group of people!

v. By the way the influence of Christianity has dipped in America, and western culture but it is growing rapidly worldwide in China, Latin America, and Africa – they are leading the way for the Kingdom Of God today!

1. We are drifting away God and Jesus Word. But only slightly!

2. How do I know God’s not dead? He still speaks to millions today!

a. I have read or heard- watched 10,000 of 1,000 stories of God speaking to people in my lifetime!

i. Through books!

ii. Through articles!

iii. Through radio and tv!

iv. Through the internet!

v. Through personal words to me!

1. I have talked to 1,000’s of people who have told me God has spoken to them in their life.

b. I also can testify along with all these other people that God speaks to those who are willing to listen today!

i. I have heard His voice!

ii. I have received messages from God – I know some of you are thinking that’s impossible – I disagree with you and so does 1,000 of other Christians!

1. Examples:

a. Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, and many other historical figures from history!

i. Heard God speak to them!

b. Many preachers talk of this!

c. Many movies testify to this:

i. Heaven is for Real!

ii. Miracles from Heaven!

iii. 90 Minutes in Heaven – John Piper

d. Many books speak of hearing God’s voice and direction for life!

i. Chuck Colson

ii. Chuck Swindoll

iii. Henry Blackaby

iv. Max Lucado

v. Randy Alcorn

vi. Tony Dungy

vii. Randy White

viii. President Bush

ix. George Washington

x. I can go on!

iii. Matthew 11:15: “Whoever has ears let Him hear!”

iv. John 10:27: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

v. So if God is dead why is He still speaking to people all over the world today – dead gods don’t speak!

3. How do I know God’s not dead? His words, His sermons, His teachings are still being spoken 2,000 years later! His followers are also out doing the work of the Kingdom and people are still dying for the message of Jesus!

a. Every week mostly on Sunday – 100,000’s of sermons are preached world wide! Not to mention all the written sermons online being view by 100,000 each day in the world.

i. Stop and think about that?

ii. I contribute to to date I have contributed 611 sermons to them which have been read and viewed by 1,974,306 views!

1. Share the story from the Palestinian Muslim who read your sermon “The Rock - The Roll - The Resurrection” from Easter about 12 years ago and wrote to tell you he gave his life to Jesus from reading my sermon!

2. Just on sermon this week there were almost 60,000 views of sermons!

iii. The message of Jesus is still being spoken worldwide every single day!

iv. I also want to note that the Bible has been the best selling book every year for decades!

v. A dead God does not have the ability or power to do this only a living God.

b. Question: How many people died for their Christian faith? How many have died today?

i. In 2001, Barrett and his colleague Todd M. Johnson started collecting statistics on martyrs. In their seminal work World Christian Trends AD 30 – AD 2200 (Pasadena: William Carey Library, 2001), they assessed that up to the year 2000 there had been some 70 million Christian martyrs, of which 45 million were concentrated in the 20th century. The book explained the methodology used, and defined Christian martyrs as «believers in Christ who have lost their lives prematurely, in situation of witnesses, as a result of human hostility Again, statistics is a very contentious field but the book, although not without critics, is still widely respected and quoted in the academia. After their book, Barrett and Johnson have constantly updated their statistics about martyrs. In their last update, “Christianity 2011: Martyrs and the Resurgence of Religion”, published in the issue for January 2011 (vol. 35, n. 1) of their International Bulletin of Missionary Research, they noted that the number of Christian martyrs per year peaked at around 160,000 in the year 2000 because of local situations, including in Sudan. Since conditions in Sudan and elsewhere became subsequently less dramatic, their «confident» estimate for the year 2010 is of 100,000 Christian martyrs. They also expect the figure of 100,000 to be substantially replicated in 2011. An important book on religious persecutions is The Price of Freedom Denied by sociologists Brian J. Grim e Roger Finke (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011). Without discussing the many methodological issued raised by this very important book, let me simply mention that they quote suggestions that the number of Christian martyrs per year may now be higher than the above estimate, between 130,000 and 160,000. Assuming, conservatively, that the situation will deteriorate only slightly in 2011 with respect to the figure offered by Barrett and Johnson for 2010, we can estimate that the figure for 2011 will be 105,000, i.e. between 287 and 288 martyrs per day: twelve per hour, or one every five minutes.

1. (from

2. People are still dying for the cause of Christianity in the world - even though main line news media wants to ignore it and pretend it is not happening!

a. They will highlight a Muslim killing, a gay killing and ignore the Christian’s being killed and martyred for their faith.

b. Once again the same spirit that killed Jesus is killing Christians today to snuff out the message of Jesus – and the secular media covers it up and ignores this truth!

3. But back to my point how can a dead God continue to gather the loyal service and following Jesus has! They cannot only a living God can motivate people to serve Him, follow Him and even die for Him!

ii. God’s word is in action all around the world!

1. Even here in this area – highlight outreaches!

2. Highlight Mama Maggie’s story – How she heard God’s Word to love the forgotten children of Egypt’s garbage slums! The muslims don’t help them Christian do!

3. Note the Churches attacked in Coptic church this last week – reported by Fox news!

c. Luke 6:27-28: “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, 28bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

d. Matthew 16:25-26: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. 26What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?”

e. John 15:17:”This is my command: Love each other.”

f. James 1:22: “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”

4. How do I know God’s not dead? Because I feel His presence – I experience Him in the darkness!

a. I answer with how Jesus has impacted me personally in my own life – how HE Spoke to me – Loved me and embraced me – I felt Him and I experienced Him – in my life today 2,000 years after His death/resurrection and ascension!

b. I have also talked to 1,000’s of others who say the same!

c. Just last Sunday in Palm Sunday service the presence of Jesus was so strong it touched lives here at the altar!

i. I heard some of their testimonies – only the presence of Jesus can touch a person!

ii. Just this last Sunday night the Lord spoke to me in my dreams and the email you got this week was from having this experience with the Lord Sunday night and Monday night!

1. His presence can be experienced and you can feel it!

2. A dead God cannot do that! Only a God who is alive does this!

d. John 8:12: “When Jesus spoke again to the people he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

5. How do I know God’s not dead? He still does miracles!

a. My own grandchildren!

i. Ayden – Evie!

ii. My own life!

1. My ears being healed at John Wimber conference on the Holy Spirit!

iii. Answered prayers!

1. How many in this church today have experienced a miracle from Jesus – raise your hand!

b. Watch the movies to see more evidence of Gods miracles.

i. 90 Minutes in Heaven!

ii. Heaven is for Real!

iii. Miracles from Heaven!

iv. The Cross and the Switch Blade about David Wilkerson:

1. The birth of Teen Challenge

v. Watch the transformation videos and documentary’s put out by the sentinel group.

1. Many miracles are highlighted!

vi. Watch the documentaries put recently on the Holy Spirit with Todd White and Robby Dawkins!

c. Read the books:

i. Mamma Maggie!

ii. Charles Finney’s books

iii. Smith Wigglesworth’s books

iv. Read Peter Marshall’s books, my former professor: On the miracles in the historic founding of this Country!

1. The Light and the Glory

2. Sounding the Trumpet

3. From Sea to Shining Sea

d. See the 700 club many video testimonies of miracles at

e. Point: Dead gods do not perform miracles!

f. Luke 18:27: “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

g. Matthew 7:7: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”


Jesus asked the question “Who do you say I am?” to His disciples! He is asking us that same question today – He is challenging all of us from the past, the present and even the future – especially those who follow Him to make sure they answer this majestic question for themselves.

Today you need to answer this question for yourself! Who is Jesus to you?

Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6)

Human Video/drama: His Daughter

Altar call for salvation!