Summary: There is no greater urgency than that of Preparing to meet our God...

Introduction: God warns the people in our text to prepare them selves to meet Him. He shares with them acts of mighty power over all things to this end.

I. It's a Call from the Supreme Judge of all Mankind.

II. It's a Call to the Unprepared.

III. It's a Call to the Psuedu Prepared.

IV. It's a Call with an Ultimatum...nothing less than preparation will do.

V. It's a Call to Act Promptly.

VI. It's a Call to Prepare for the Unstoppable Hand of God.

VII. It's a Call to Prepare for the Wrath of God.

VIII. Are you Prepared to Meet Him?

Conclusion: Don't walk out that door today unless you're absolutely sure that you are prepared to meet thy God...