Summary: Each day we are given a chance to praise Him and to honor all He will do. Then, each night we can reflect back on what He has done and give him honor for it. In the New Year, will we wait, trust, and hope in the Lord more than in 2017?

A Study of Psalm 33

Psalm 33


- Psalms broken into 5 books, cover an extensive time period

- Gathered together as songs of praise & words of encouragement/warning

- We are studying book 1, Psalm 1-41 … primary focus on David’s experience

- The Psalms have already given us plenty of opportunities to praise

-- The daily challenge for us is this: will we remember what we’ve seen/read?

- Today’s Psalm is a wonderful explanation of why we praise

-- Prayerfully, we will see this need in our lives; esp. as we enter a New Year

- Read Psalm 33:1-22 / Pray

- David writes for us to rejoice, to sing joyfully because of what God has done

Point 1 – We are Called to Rejoice

• His encouragement is, “Sing Joyfully!”

o With praise (v1); we are called to praise Him for who He is

- In today’s hustle, we forget who it is our focus should be on

-- This is why this first verse is so critical … (read)

-- When you focus on Him, life’s focus changes from your wants

-- David understood this, gives us great insight here about priorities

o With the harp and lyre (v2)

- Music often helps us worship – David wrote Psalms which are songs of praise

-- Music is very powerful, it can change moods quickly (scary movie, opera, etc.)

-- He knew that set to music, it would help us focus intently on God

o With a new song (v3)

- The new song reflects the change in our life; ex: before Jesus our life had a song

-- The new song is the one of praise, gratefulness, it’s to honor God

-- Why? Because He has restored us, made us new … refreshed our spirit

- We are to play skillfully & shout for joy … direct commands of worship

-- APP: Worship is not a secret – it ought to reflect who He is to us

- Not only privately, but publically (testify/witness) … b/c of what He’s done

- TRANS: So, why should we rejoice?

Point 2 – But, why should we rejoice?

- It’s easy to tell someone to rejoice, but most people need a why

-- APP: It’s just human nature really – we don’t like trying/doing new things

- When we understand something we’re likely to do it vs. talking about it

-- EX: Nativity: first year was nerve racking; now incredible blessing to do

1. God’s word is all powerful

• He commands human history (v4-5)

- What God does is correct, right, and true … including his Word

-- Therefore, when He directs us in paths, it is reliable instruction for us

-- IMP: God does not change His plans (bible); they are clearly given to us

• He commands national creation (re-read v6-9)

- God’s word directed the Heavens to be made

-- The stars were put into place by his command (and he called them by name)

-- He limits the boundaries of the water; even the depths are known to Him

-- All creation was formed by His command, by His words; b/c of His plans

- APP: His power should cause us to revere (fear) all He has done

2. God’s will is all-ruling

• He overrules man’s plans (v10); our ways do not sway Him

- Analogy: Want to make God laugh? Tell Him what your plans are …

• He undergirds his purposes (v11); He is the support to what we do

- Consider building a bridge, He is the support trusses that hold it in place

3. God’s eyes are all seeing

• He watches all things (v12-14); Everything we do is under Him

• He weighs all things (v15-17); He considers/measures what we do

• He witnesses all believers (v18-19); Nothing is missed by Him

- TRANS: Why is it important to understand how God pays attention to us?

Point 3 – God leads us to rejoicing!

- It’s amazing when we consider how God has already given us a roadmap

• First, wait for God (v20)

- We are to be committed to the Lord; v20 indicates their response (waited)

-- APP: They were patient to respond to Him as He called them to move

-- Re: Exodus was no easy feat … yet in obedience they obeyed

• Second, trust in God (v21)

- They worship and trust in Him because of all that He has done

-- Heb. Word for trust is “batach” which means “to attach oneself; depending on”

-- EX: These people batached themselves to the One who had provided it all

• Third, hope in God (v22)

- “May your unfailing love be with us”: They plead with God to stay with them

-- Why? “As we put our hope in you”: God is all that they would ever need

- HUGE: Their confession is that He is their everything … to be totally dependent

-- It is a people like this God is seeking, ones who will obey and serve and love

-- God is calling out to us today to understand this, to believe, and to follow

- Even in the topic of praise, He directs us to wait, trust, and hope in Him

- TRANS: So, how does this relate to the year ahead?

Big Idea – New Year … New Opportunities

- Each day we are given a chance to praise Him; to honor all He will do

- And each night we can reflect back on what He has done; giving honor for it

- In the new year, won’t you consider honoring Him and focusing on Him more?

- Charles Spurgeon once said, “Beloved friends, may we well continue to praise God, for our God continues to give us causes for praise!”

- Pray

* Special thanks to Holman Old Testament Commentary for the foundational outline of this sermon.