Summary: God releases power to the believer to live a holy life starting with the home

“Walk the Talk” #5

(It All Starts in the Home)

S-2 An example for the next generation starts in the home.

S-3 The only constant in this world is God.

Jackie Hill Perry. Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been (Kindle Location 82). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

S-4 & 5 I Peter 3:1-4

S-6 Walk the Talk at Home

1. Purity: Protect the home from evil? and sinful influences.

2. Reverence: Let respect be standard of your home.

3. Gentle: Guard against harshness.

4. Quiet spirit: Doesn’t mean not speaking, it means not arguing.

5. The Outcome: Salvation of the husband.

S-7 I Peter 3:5-6

S-8 The Fear Factor

1. Sarah is our example: whose husband passed her off twice as his sister (they were half-blood related) He did this to save their lives.

2. Your husband will not always be right in the things he suggests for your marriage and family.

3. We must see a bigger picture. Marriage is a faith walk and our strength comes from our hope in God.

S-9 I Peter 3:7

S-10 The Power of Consideration

1. Thoughtful

2. Kind

3. Understanding

4. Selfless

5. Respectful

6. The Results are your prayers are not hinder.

S-11 I Peter 3:8-11

S-12 Secrets for the Home

1. Be sympathetic, love one another, compassionate, and humble.

2. The problem: We are not often like-minded. Harmonizing and compatibility comes through the spiritual practice of respecting one another, and the Word of God.

Why you should bite your tongue

1. You love life want it to be enjoyable.

2. You see good days ahead, as you honor godly principles for relationships.

3. You are seeking peace and wisdom on when to speak.

4. You are pursuing peace.