Summary: Moses took courageous actions in faith including going against the Mighty Pharaoh of Egypt!

Thinking of our loss of Evie Morris Gutzmer, my 27 year old recently married niece, I actually thought of not coming to church today. But in spite of our pain, God is always worthy of worship! Nothing is impossible with our God! God could have healed Evie’s body last Tuesday night; but God loved Evie and Evie loved God and God decided in His loving plan to bring Evie into His loving arms. Yes, we can ask why Lord with such a young person? But like Jacob of old who grieved, because to him his son Joseph was dead, was found faithful and worshiped God when he saw Joseph again.

We too are called by God to be faithful with His Word that we will see Evie again in heaven if we believe, as Evie did, in the Only Savior God Jesus Christ!

God is good ……! All the time ……! God is our Creator, Savior, Provider, the Giver and Taker of Life! Nothing is impossible with our God!

God is therefore worthy of our worship! Amen?

And so, let us continue our worship of God by listening to Him through His Word, the Bible. Please open your Bibles to Hebrews 11….

From our previous studies of Hebrews 11, we defined biblical faith = being certain of what God said and take action on it! God does not call us to blind faith. God reveals for us what we need to base our faith on!

This morning let us learn about the faith in action of Moses! Read along with me Hebrews 11:24-28…..

Let us also look back briefly with me to Exodus 2:1-15…..

Exodus 2 does not tell us how Moses knew he was Hebrew! How do you think Moses found out he was Hebrew??

There several possibilities:

a. Moses may had been “grown” enough to know he was Hebrew before being adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.

b. Moses’ physical mother could have been a nanny and told Moses he was Hebrew.

c. Simply, God spoke to Moses!

Moses knew he was a Hebrew by either circumstances or simply God told him!

And so, because Moses knew he belonged to God’s chosen people, by faith (trust and action):

v24 …. by refusing the title “Prince of Egypt”, Moses decided as an “adult” to live for God!

v25…. Moses knew and accepted the costs/struggles of going against “worldly” things!

v26…… he already knew his Savior God and that this world is temporal and heaven is his eternal home!

v27…. he trusted God (although unseen) for protection and leading the way for his life.

v28…. How did Moses know about the Passover and sprinkling of blood??

Exodus 11-12 …..describes for us how God spoke to Moses about the Passover and the sprinkling of blood.

Would we have believed that God could and would kill every firstborn in the entire Nation of Egypt?

Moses believed that God can sweep an entire nation of first borns and save a different nation of first borns in one night and so Moses followed God’s specific instructions!

How can we follow Moses’ faith in actions?

First of all, Moses knew who he was in God! And so…..

1. Know who you are with God always (a Christian has a Helmet of Salvation – always put it on!)

What is a non-Believer of Christ to God?? Romans 5:10a…… Non-Christians are enemies of God!

2. As adults, have we truly decided to live for God? We should ask ourselves everyday… Who or what am I living for on a daily basis?

3. As we focus on heaven and go against “worldly” things, do not be surprised of pains and struggles in life and so, we Christians are to encourage one another often! How can we encourage one another??

4. Simply trust and obey God!

a. How do we know what to trust?? - Matthew 4:4….

b. How are we doing with the statement from Acts 5:29a?

c. How much at awe are we really with the power of God? We should know and sing in our hearts everyday….. “O lord my God……. How Great Thou Art!!!”