Summary: God created man and put him as the crown of creations. The fallen man created gods for him and fallen before them. Man lost God-given glory and he lives with lost glory and beauties of the creations. This sermon talks about you...

Exodus 32:1-6, 21-25


A man opened a new shop. His friend ordered the bouquet to honour his friend. On the day he received the floral bouquet with the inscription: “Rest in Peace”. The shop owner got angry and fired that florist. But he told the shop owner but sir think of the man who died to whom the other bouquet has gone with the inscription:

“Congratulations on your new location”


The creation story beautifully narrated in the book of Genesis. It ascertains the creative power of God. The beautiful story of creation is spread over to the books of the Bible.

The creation story is found in Genesis 1 & 2, Proverbs 8, Job 37-41 many descriptions about the power of the creator God.

The Bible writers were inspired by God again and again to mention Creation:

Nehemiah 9:6 – puts in a nutshell on the creation story in one verse. Job 26:7 - God spreads the heavens and skies, Psalms 102:25 - beginning God has put the heavens and earth, Psalms 104:5 – God set the earth on its foundation, Isaiah 40:28 – God is the creator of the ends of the earth, Isaiah 45:12 – HE marshalled the starry hosts, Isaiah 48:13 – His own hand created everything, Hebrews 11:3- universe created by God’s command.

To this God, to this creator, we offer praises and glories. We honour this great God.

Nehemiah 12:43 records the beautify of celebrating the festival of redemption: “People offered great sacrifices that day and rejoiced for God had made them rejoice with great joy; the women and children also rejoiced. Their joy was heard far away”.

2. CREATED god

Denouncing leaders, selecting leaders of self-will and whims are customary for many years. An absence of a dynamic leader can cause irreparable damage to the great extent even to deviate from the primary call and to deny God.

Quickly people throw the leader who served them faithfully. They are non-appreciative of the sacrifice of their leaders.

Israelite misunderstood Moses’ care and concern over their community, he led the people out of Egypt with the help of the Almighty God at the expense of his comforts, family, friends, wife and children. The meekness of Moses was treated as weakness of Moses by Aaron and Miriam in the later period. How shameful to see the exodus community took everything very lightly. They disregarded the ministry of Moses. Quickly they rejected him as their leader.

Many meek, humble and honest leaders had become vulnerable in the Christian world.

Aaron, brother of Moses, blood-related brother. Aaron was now and then joins hands with people who are against the leadership. He knew the integrity and devotion of Moses. It’s very difficult for anybody to accept the leadership of the younger brother or sister. Including some political parties in India, eg, DMK. He rebelled against Moses along with his sister Miriam in Numbers 12.

Demanding an outward sign: The absence of Pillar of cloud in the day and the Pillar of Fire in the night compelled them to for an outward sign rather than inner conviction. Their learned evil practices of Egyptians came handy to rebel, the greatness of God was brought to the image of an Idol and with its practices (Ezekiel 20:8, 23 describes on two adulterous sisters with obscene, lewd and indecent words. This was happening in Exodus community under the leadership of Aaron, Psalms 106:19-22).

The making of a golden calf was emerging out of the evil urge and necessity for people to celebrate, enjoy drinking and eating during the festivity. Religious festivals have become time passing events.

Paul Writes in Romans 1:21-32 the list of sins followed up due to the worship of Idols. Exchanged: Immortal to Mortal, Natural to unnatural, Truth for a lie, Worshipped the created things rather than the creator. v. 24, 26, 28, God gave them up, gave them over to.

Dedication of golden calf. People took off their earnings and made it as a god. People make their earnings as a god, children as their god, for some job is a god for others joblessness is a god; for some boss is a god for others colloquies are gods; for some problems are gods and for others, prosperity is a god. For some power is a god for others hunting for power is a god. They had a dedication ceremony, honouring of all except God, there was a feast for God but not fear for God. All that which is honourable before men are abominable to God.

3. Created Creed

People created god and gods. Then they created creed for them. The pseudo-religion, pseudo faith. The creed of the people was dancing, shouting and doing everything which is very attractive and destructive.

Creed comes out of the necessity to define and safeguard the church and faith. Our Apostles creed or the Nicene Creed introduce our belief in Trinity and the distinctive acts of each person of the trinity and the one God concept.

Creed affirms that Church is One, Church is Catholic, Church is Holy and Church is the place of believers preparing for eternal faith. Creed confirms that we are people of another world.

The modern church and popular religion wants to through away everything and focus on their life on earth, enjoying on earth, more emphasis are given to dancing, celebration, music and voice and noise. Finally became a nuisance and annoyance.

A section of the Siddhur (Order of Liturgy), the prayer book of Jews, focuses on the recitation of a series of biblical passages (Deuteronomy 6:4–9; Deuteronomy 11:13–21 and Numbers 15:37–41). It starts with Shema (“Hear”): “Hear, O Israel! the Lord is our God, the Lord alone”. This Shema is the creed of Jews. Whenever a Jew brought his offering to God, he will say the verse of Deuteronomy 26:5-10…(My Father was a wandering Aramean…)

The Judean Creed has the theology of God as unique and singular person, creativity of God being affirmed through the relation of God to this world through continual blessings and benedictions, the divine activity is seen within the realm of history and human life by intervening in redemption of Israel from Egypt and leading them through wilderness and in the land of Canaan and Babylon and back to Israel. Then it also talks about the otherness and nearness of God. He is otherness because of his remote quality, God of Lights and invisible to anyone and “HOLY HOLY HOLY”. Nearness because of Shekinah, the glory of God dwells among human beings.

Islamic creed is very simple: There is only one God Allah and that Muhammad is a Messenger of God.