Summary: Can we truly understand the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven? If we can, how do we do so?

1. If we are going to live for God’s Kingdom, it is essential that we learn a new way of thinking. 13:11.

2. Truths regarding God’s Kingdom will only be learned by people who have a desire to know them. 10-11.

3. The more you are willing to learn the truths of God’s Kingdom, the more God will continue to teach you. 12.

4. Jesus gave us eight parables to teach us great truths about God’s Kingdom:

1) The parable of the sower. Matthew 13:1-23.

2) The parable of the tares and the wheat. Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43.

3) The parable of the grain of mustard seed. Matthew 13:31-32.

4) The parable of the leaven. Matthew 13:33-35.

5) The parable of the treasure in the field. Matthew 13:44.

6) The parable of the pearl of great price. Matthew 13:45-46.

7) The parable of the net. Matthew 13:47-50.

8) The parable of the treasures. Matthew 13:51-52.

5. God expects everyone to know these truths. Matthew 13:9.