Summary: Where is our hospitality? Are we a Diotrephes or a Demetrius?

Vs 1-8

• Letter gives important glimpse into early church

• John is telling how he felt after hearing about Gaius.

• Concerned for health and well-being

• In early church days, traveling preachers/teachers were helped by local churches/members

• This is what Gaius did, opened his home

• Isn’t it exciting to know that someone from our past is still preaching, singing, etc?

• Praise the Lord, God is still working in that persons/s life

• Sometimes during revivals, the visiting preacher would stay at a church members home, not a motel, the church cared for the ministers needs

• God’s true ministers do not preach/teach to make money, but out of love for God

• Do churches still do that? Are they ashamed of what the minister might see?

• Those who help are vital to the ministry

Vs 9-10

• We see here that Diotrephes was self-centered, cared more for his position, his titles, than God’s church and how the church could prosper. He wanted to control the church

• He refused to listen to other spiritual leaders, slandered other leaders, he was a bad example for refusing to welcome other Gospel teachers

• He had sin of pride, and jealousy

• Church leaders are to be sound stewards, be in unity

• Churches should not allow a Diotrephes to take control, one who refuses to allow Gospel teachers/preachers of sound doctrine

Vs 11-14

• Matthew 7 – you will know them by their fruits (paraphrased)

• Demetrius had a good report of all men, a good witness, lived what he said

• John saw and heard of this good witness in Demetrius

• His character was true because he followed the Truth

• 2 John emphasizes refusal of false teachers

• 3 John urges hospitality to those that speak the truth

• Again, we see that John wanted to speak face to face instead of writing

• He greeted them proclaiming Peace