Summary: When we see speaking of love , since we are In Ministry, we very easily understand that our intention is to speak Godly love , which denotes in Greek AGA’PE’. Which is translated as GODS love.

When we see Gods love in the Bible

- He created everything by unifying, Uniting and Joining together which was diversity in form.


Gods love can not be brought to existence only with experience in another word, love of God can not be exhibited with compulsion neither can be evaluated by appearance.

- just because I am in the Gods ministry for many years , it does not mean whatsoever I do is from Gods love .

- Human can not limit Gods love. Neither can a fleshly nature comprehend Gods love, Gods love wants to captivate and cultivate us to construct , because our lives are scattered .

Scattered with own desires,

Scattered with own calculations,

Scattered with own calibers.

: Application

But God wants our lives/ministry be formed in His love. Our ministry/life can not be brought to service from the selfishness {repeat }.

Illustration: Jesus ministry.

1. God shows his love inspite of our failures, weakness and nothingness when we were abandoned .

Are we showing Gods love in our ministry, family?

2. Show Gods love not based on past or depending the future, but accepting a persons in his present situations .

Example :

A. I love the family because when I met them respected and appreciated me,

B. I love them because they were kind and very helpful. Do not just to show your love for the past .

b. I love him because he will be helpful in my life , family . I love him because I hope that he would be with me. Do not show gods love depending on the situations and for protection .

Finally: Gods Love brings dimension and formation.

That mean: it brings changes in the necessary areas .


A. If You love your family, you brings the shape in the family .

B. If you love your job, you lead/work to strengthen your team and it’s project.

C. If you love your life, you will teach and educate it. To leave a permanent mark for the next generation.

Illustration: disciples of Jesus Christ

Everything changed, disciples were perplexed, persuaded by failures , persuaded by agonies but Gods love never changed in their leadership .

“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

??Romans? ?8:38-39? ?NKJV??

Because Gods love that is in us and the love of God never fail us.