Summary: Why did Paul take this second missionary journey and what was the purpose?

Just like stocking the shelves at a grocery store, we must take inventory of ourselves, see what’s outdated and replace the old with the new.

Taking Inventory of the Church

• Paul discussing trip with Barnabas, wants to go back and check on church

• Why would they want to go?

• Why should they?

o To see how the church had grown in relationship with Christ

• What has happened since last visit?

• How many been converted?

• Paul had concern for church spiritual growth

o Doesn’t matter if church building grows, if no spiritual growth then church is only a social club

• Disagreement came between Paul & Barnabas

o Must be careful, disagreement can lead to discord, discord can lead to disharmony

o Christians do not always agree

o Problems can be solved by agreeing to disagree and letting God work His will

• One missionary trip became two

• Out of a storm, Word was spread to twice as many people

• God uses circumstances to work His will

Taking Inventory of Me

• Don’t have holier than thou attitude

• Must take inventory of self

• Have I been a good witness?

• Am I a hindrance?

• Do I have burden for lost souls? Mark 16:15 – go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel

• Might not be called to preach, but you can still share the Word

• Opportunity may not rise again to reach a specific person

• Present the Word properly, clearly, and faithfully

Effective witnessing is not measured as much by how many are witnessed to, but by what we overcome to witness and how we witness.

• Some people are more receptive to God’s Word, some not

• God gives both types to help us grow

• A man once said in a Sunday School class, how many contacts did we make this week?

Don’t get so caught up in the doing that we lose the reason why we’re doing.

Some people are too caught up in the quantity of people witness to, but the quality of witnessing is slack.

• Do you witness at work?

• At lunch break?

• Getting fuel for your auto?

• Buying groceries or going shopping?

• How we dress, listening to our speech, our walk

• Do we display Christ in everything we do?

Lamentations 3:40 – let us search and try our ways, and turn again to the Lord

Let us go back and see how WE do.