Summary: In this passage of scripture, John was writing unto all believers to urge them to obey Jesus and love all Believers.

In verses 12-14

• As Christians have their curious states, so they have unconventional obligations

• There are obedience’s and statutes basic to all, and shared love and scorn of the world

• The most youthful earnest pupil is exonerated, and the fellowship of holy people is accompanied with the absolution of sins

• The older men, described here, are those who were mature in the faith, they had been believers for quite some time

• The young men mentioned here, had fought against sin and won

• They children had just learned about Christ and were beginning lives as believers

• Every step of life establishes the next one

• As new Christians grow in their faith, they learn how to battle temptation

• And as they get older, their relationship with Christ should be growing

• Older Christians, should be teaching younger Christians with wisdom

• Acts 4:12

• 1 Corinthians 6:11

• 1 John 2:1

• 1 John 1:1

• Have we reached maturity in our Christian walk?

• Are we still ‘babes’ in Christ; still feeding on the ‘milk’ of the Word?

• Or have we matured enough to get into the ‘meat’ of the Word?

In verses 15-17

• The things of the world might be wanted and had for the utilizations and purposes which God expected, but they are to be utilized by and for His glory and grace

• Christians must not try to esteem them for those reasons to which sin mishandles them

• The world can pull the Believers heart from God

• The more the adoration for the world wins, the more the affection for God declines

• Worldliness is not just about the outside conduct, affiliations, places, and activities

• It is also internal because it starts in the heart

• Look at three attitudes

o Lust of the flesh – gratifying physical wants

o Lust of the eyes – coveting things

o Pride of life – status or position in life

• The serpent tempted Eve – Genesis 3:1-6, and the Devil tempted Jesus – Matthew 4:1-11, in these areas

• A person can keep away from worldly pleasures yet still hold onto worldly desires

• A Christian can love and associate with sinners, and keep up with the values of God’s Kingdom

• It's difficult to accept that what we want will one day die when our connection to our possessions can be hardy

• It might be considerably difficult to accept that the individual who does the desire of God will live for eternity

• Jesus' life, His death and resurrection and His promises, is what John’s convictions were dependent on

• Realizing that this world and our wants for its delights will end, gives us mental fortitude to keep doing God's will

• Matthew 6:24

• Romans 12:2

• Proverbs 27:20

• Romans 13:14

• What are our most important values?

• Do we reflect the world’s or God’s values in our daily lives?