Summary: If Jesus didn't rise from the dead, Christianity would be a hoax!

Hallelujah! Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is alive! Happy Resurrection Sunday! God is worthy of our praise! Let us start by listening to God’s Word! Grab your Bibles and follow along with me with God’s Truth starting with the Gospel of Luke Chapter 24 v1-8…

This is the Gospel, the Good News! Jesus made a promise and His promise became a reality when He rose from the dead!

Now turn with me to 1 Corinthians 15, God spoke through the apostle Paul; read along with me v1-8……..

Jesus Christ who is God, became man, suffered and died, was buried, but rose from the dead to redeem us (to bring us back to God)! Do you believe in the totally of Jesus Christ? If you and I believe in Jesus Christ, we are brought back to our Holy Creator Almighty God! You and I are with God right now and for forever through Jesus Christ! Let us sing about this! Redeemed!

Now, not only is Jesus Christ our Savior, He is also Lord!

Let us humble ourselves before our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ…..

We Fall Down….. Let us lay down our crowns at the feet of Jesus….

Let us continue our worship by answering the question, why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important? Open your Bibles again to 1 Corinthians 15… read along with me v12-24….

Let us note again from the beginning of 1 Corinthians 15, we are to remind ourselves regularly, We are saved from God’s judgment from sin if we believe in the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus Christ died for our sins, He was buried but He rose again from the dead! Let us also note based on the rest of 1 Corinthians 15 and many other Scriptures, part of the Gospel is Jesus will return to take His Believers to heaven!

Now, a person can die for any other person. But if the person who died told you to follow him and everything will be fantastic, would you actually follow that person? Sadly, many people out there follow other people who are dead and they too will just end up dead!

But what about Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ did die and tells us to follow Him because He rose from the dead! Jesus Christ is the Only one to follow.

It is very important that Jesus rose from the dead; that there is a resurrection of the dead because Jesus did it! If Jesus didn’t live again, Christianity would just be a hoax! You and I as Christians believe in the reality of God who is life eternal because Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Jesus Christ is alive!!

If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, v14 tells us that the Bible is nonsense and the faith of Christians is useless; but Jesus DID rise from the dead!

If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, v15-19 tells us we are a bunch of liars; If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, we have a faith that is useless; If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, everyone is separated from God forever because of sins; If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, everyone who dies will remain dead forever as dirt; If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, everyone will be weeping being there is no hope for a troubled world; but Jesus DID rise from the dead!

Look again at v20, But Christ indeed been raised from the dead!! Amen??

What does this all mean to people?

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is everything for us!

Because Jesus is alive (v20-24):

• All who believes in Him are made alive! People are spiritually dead without Jesus Christ. Christians are alive to God and life because Jesus is alive!

• All who do not believe in Christ will be judged forever along with the devil.

There is a place called hell for all non-believers of God and Jesus Christ; but because Jesus conquered hell, there is a place called heaven for all who believe in Jesus Christ!

And so again, we are to remind ourselves of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! If you have never personally truly believed and accepted Jesus Christ as your Only Savior and Lord, right now is the time to do it; because, Jesus Christ will return to earth soon, it can happen today, and if you are not a true Believer of Jesus Christ, you will be left behind and if you never believe in Jesus Christ, you will be separated from God forever along with all the demons. Repeat

But if you are a Believer of Jesus Christ, read along with me 1 Cor.15:55-58…. take a moment to quietly pray to God about these things..

1 Cor. 15:50-54….. Be encouraged! Be safe! Maranatha!