Summary: The message reminds one of the crowns God places upon the lives of those who follow Him...Forgiveness, Healing, Redemption, Kindness, & Mercy!

Blessings We Cannot Forget (2b)

Psalms 103:1-5

1. He Forgives All My Iniquities (3a)

- Forgiveness is the first gift we can

receive for God.

- Through forgiveness our

relationship with God is restored

(Life In the Spirit Bible$

2. He Heals All Our Diseases (3b)

- The Lord is able to heal all our


- The Lord will heal us naturally over

a course of time

- The Lord can heal us miraculously

and instantly

- Anytime we get sick and then

recover we should thank God for

His blessings

3. He Redeems My Life From

Destruction (4a)

- He saves our souls from hell

- He continually delivers us from

danger, accidents, tragedy

- He protects our lives from

premature death

4. He Crowns Us With Lovingkindness

& Tender Mercies (4b)

- What a wonderful crown those

who were once guilty wear

. He overshadows us with His

everlasting love

. And showers us daily with

enduring mercy

. He Satisfies Us With Good

Things (5a)

- The Lord satisfies the longing


. He does not withhold any good

thing from those who walk


- He Renews Our Youth Like The

Eagles (5b)