Summary: This is designed to encourage people to Bow down and worship God now as opposed to when sickness or trouble comes into their lives!

Isaiah 45

22 “Turn to me and be saved,

all you ends of the earth;

for I am God, and there is no other.

23 By myself I have sworn,

my mouth has uttered in all integrity

a word that will not be revoked:

Before me every knee will bow;

by me every tongue will swear.

This chapter starts off with a prediction that will not take place for another 200 years,

The God we serve knows the future, so he has the upper hand on every problem, every situation that comes upon us! Nothing surprises him. He knows the past, the present and the future!

Not only does he predict the Cyrus will be born 200 years before his actual birth, but he also declares that he would be born with an anointing to serve the purpose that God had given him..

It’s important to note that Cyrus was not an Israelite and did not know or serve the God of Israel.

But God knew him and used him, before he was even born, to carry out his mission for the church!

How many of us can look back over our lives and realize that God knew us before we knew him? He was preparing us, keeping us, before we could pray, sing or worship! Because God loved us first!

That is a shouting moment!

He is still doing that same great work today!

That is what I love about him, he’s always putting people and things in place to help his people.

Don’t worry about the church, God will take care of us!

Don’t you know that God has a master plan? All things are working together for the good of those that love him and are called by His name! Keep on trusting HIM!

Cyrus Must have taken great confidence in knowing that God loved him and was using him to accomplish the work for the building of his people!

The prelude to this text assures us that God can and will use anybody to get his work done!

He is not limited by people or things, because by him and for him were all things made that were made!

It’s a wonderful thing to be used by God! and know you are part of Gods purpose!

Stop stressing, Stop worrying, God has this!

How blessed it is to spend some time with God and understand your purpose!

God allowed Isaiah to write 200 years ahead of time that Cyrus would not only conquer the great city of Babylon and set his people free, but God set him up by having the gates to the city left open so he could walk right in..

God will open Doors for you! Can you stand up and be a witness! God will open up doors so all you have to do is just walk right in!

I want to encourage you to bow down and turn to GOD!

You are running in fear, but I want to encourage you today to hold on to your faith,

God is setting things up! God is getting you ready for your release!

God is moving things, shaking things up in your favor! God is laying up some treasures for you that have been hidden before your eyes!

Your captivity is coming to an end!

It blesses me to know that we have been anointed for this purpose in Gods earth,

I know you been bragging about what you did and how you got what you got… but let me suggest you should stop lying and start trying to give God praise!

Tell the truth you while you can!

God opened the door for me..

God set things up for me….

God protected me….

When I showed up the anointing was already at work!

God says in Isaiah 45:22

22 “Turn to me and be saved,

all you ends of the earth;

for I am God, and there is no other.

God makes his plan for our salvation so simple and easy that he puts it in the reach of us all! He simply says, turn to Him!

Everyone of has the ability, to turn to GOD…

Turn to him while you have a chance! Turn to him while you are struggling!

Turn to him while you are in your midnight hour!

Turn to him while you have a chance!

Turn while God is calling you! Don’t wait, this is your time!

God is shaking things up to get your attention!

This is your time!

God goes on in this verse to remind us who he is!

Sometimes in our struggles, we forget who God is! We lose our perspective amid our scheming and dreaming about what we want and what we need!

The fear of momentarily lack, shackles our minds and stops us cold and paralyzes us! Interferes with our praise and prayer life and worship! But when we remember who God is!

It makes our problems seems to small.

When we remember

It calms our fears and increases our faith!

When we remember it inspires a praise in us to just know we serve a god who is able!

We know the one and true GOD!

We know the God who created us and the universe and all that is within it!

Why should we be fearful!

Why should we be discouraged!

Why should we be down cast!

Deliverance in on the way!

Bow down and turn to GOD!

23 By myself I have sworn,

my mouth has uttered in all integrity

a word that will not be revoked:

Before me every knee will bow;

by me every tongue will swear.

God himself says, his word will not be revoked!

After reminded us he reassures us that his word will not be revoked!

He gives us Bold confidence, that every knee shall bow! Every tongue shall confess!

Thank God for the heads up!

I don’t want to wait until he makes the whole world bow down and confess!

You see my brothers and sisters it easier to bow down and serve God on your own!

Its better to Bow down and turn to him while you are in your right mind, while you have a decent portion of health and strength!

Bow Down before he makes you bow down…

Bow down before you get down on your sick bed and you have no choice but to look up!

Bow down before your finances get you down and out!

Bow down before your relationships knock you down and you need someone to help you get back up!

I have decided to follow Jesus!

I am going to bow down to him now!

I am going to confess that He is God alone! Worthy of all praise and Glory!

Thank God he has reminded us of who he is, and who we are!

He has reminded us that we are His, and he called us to be his witnesses!

I am a living witness that He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die as a living sacrifice

The lamb of GOD

Without spot or wrinkle

Without blemish

Took my sins upon him

Made me a new creature!

I am a witness to His great power!

I am a witness to His divine love!

I am a witness to his saving grace!

I am a witness to the resurrection of his Son Jesus Christ!

I bowed down to him and turned my heart to GOD!

He still loves me

He still accepted me despite of my sins

He gave me another chance!

I bowed down in shame and sin

But thank GOD because of His son Jesus

Christ, I got up full of grace and truth!

I want you to know today that the name

Jesus came to save us from our sins!

Know today His mercy and grace awaits you!

I am a witness, if you don’t know him, I can introduce you to Him.

He is the way, the truth and the light!

He will not harm you!

He’s calling you right here right now

Come unto to me all you that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest!

Come unto me all you that are heavy burden and I will give you rest

My Yoke is easy, my burden is light!

This is your invitation

Bow down and turn to GOD now

He’s shaking up the whole world

Bow down and turn to him before its to late!