Summary: Peter and John had gone to pray with one accord at the Temple at three in the afternoon. Today, Seeing two prominent leaders entering into the prayer halls with one accord to pray is a miracle.

Lesson 9:

Acts 3: 01-11 Powerful Words – Jesus Christ of Nazareth

3: 01-02 Men of Prayer

3: 03-06 Men of Proclamation

3: 07-10 Men of Performance

Acts 3:01-02 Men of Prayer

Peter and John had gone to pray at the Temple at three in the afternoon. It was a hard time to pray. The beauty is both went together for prayer. Today, Seeing two prominent leaders entering into the prayer halls with one accord to pray is a miracle. But unfortunately, the Beautiful gate of the temple was decorated with a deep-rooted beggar. He was there for many years for a different purpose. The beggar was over forty years of age (Acts 4:22). John and Peter had been to the temple on several occasions and multiple entries. But on that day the prayer time was God’s appointed time to perform a miracle. We should never stop our continuous prayer because God will do a miracle at an unexpected hour and time. The understanding, sight of men of Prayer always differs from ordinary men. While others had only coins to throw to this beggar but men of prayer had the power to change the beggar’s entire life. They created faith in that crippled man. Prayer is an evitable act through which God always communicates his purpose, principles, and power to the one who believes in it. We have numerous examples of prayer warriors in the Bible.

Acts 3:03-06 Men of Proclamation

Peter and John took proclamation as their personal profession after following Jesus Christ. Though, the cross and suffering of Christ had distanced them for a while, but, the resurrection of Christ brought them back to their call and commitment. Sufferings and troubles may cause little disturbances in our lives but resurrected Christ will bestow his eternal peace on us which will thrive us with His strength to overcome and run for Christ. The beggar expected something from disciples. But it is the other way around with many preachers and pastors. Peter and John had one accord in their motif, in their expressions and in their confession, that is Christ and his principles. They proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to whomsoever they met, and whatever may be their needs. Their proclamation had a promise with power to release the hearers.

Acts 3:07-10 Men of Performance

Peter and John were men of prayer and men of proclamation. Their aim was to bring change in individual hearts and to build a community of believers. Peter took him by his right hand and helped him to step out of his present life and position. Peter helped him to come out of his bondage, out of an undignified and humiliating job. John and Peter brought him into the temple courts. There was a notable change in attitude, confession, profession, and dignity of the beggar. The Change in beggar was identified by everyone in the temple including the temple authorities. He stood by them. The beggar was walking, Jumping, and praising God. The Powerful words: “Jesus Christ of Nazareth” had changed, and does change the lives of the people. The power of Christ has passed through the hands of Peter.


1. Discuss the prayer warriors of the Bible, and tell a prayer warrior in the Bible and their influence in life.

2. How to strike a balance between spiritual and material blessings to the hearers and seekers?

3. Role prayer in our day-to-day life situations and ministries.

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