Summary: What is heaven, the perfect eternal state, for Christians really be like?

We continue our study of the “End Times” according to God’s Schedule. Again, let us remind ourselves of God’s Schedule. We are currently living in the age of Grace (The Church Age of Jesus Christ and this age will end soon!), after this Age, the Tribulation Age of 7 years will happen to judge Israel and the Whole World, then after the Tribulation, The Millennial Kingdom will occur, then there will be a final judgment by Jesus Christ before the new heaven and the new earth, the Holy Eternal State with God!

The Eternal State with God is described in the last 2 chapters of the Book of Revelation. Before we read God’s Word, close your eyes for a moment and picture what heaven will be like…..

Most people have this vision of heaven as floating around with clouds with angels and of course God is everywhere. What will heaven really be like? Let us look at Chapter 21 today; open your Bibles there please….. But let us start reading from Revelation 20:11….

Rev. 20:11-15….. Jesus Christ judged all evil (including everyone who refused Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord) into a lake of fire, forever separated from God! Everything ungodly was judged and separated from God forever!

Then what did John see, and what will come in the future… Let us highlight what our future will be:

Rev. 21:1-2

- First heaven and earth and sea are gone (picture that for a moment)

- A new heaven and earth

- A new Holy City of Jerusalem coming from heaven prepared as a “Bride”

V3-5: Dwelling of God will be with people (people will be in the same house as God’s):

- God and people will be living united as one

- No more tears, death, mourning, crying or pain

- Old order of things are gone

- Everything is made new by Jesus Christ

V6-8: Everything is set forever by God who is forever:

- people who claimed Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord inherit all that is new and have the intimate relationship with God forever!

- Those who didn’t believe in Christ and lived evil ways will not be in this new earth and heaven but will be with all the demons in an eternal lake of fire forever!

V9-10: The Bride is the New Holy City Jerusalem with its eternal inhabitants and the Groom is the Lamb Jesus Christ! There will be a great celebration like a wedding; Christians as the “Bride” united with God Jesus Christ, the Groom!

Now, is heaven just going to be floating white clouds with angels?

V11-21: The Beautiful Structure….. brilliant, high walls and gates, the apostle’s names are honored, the city was like a cube (about 1380 miles wide, long, and high), adorned with gold, precious stones, glass, and pearls!

V22: there was no Temple for the Triune God were omnipresent (worship was done everywhere and at all times); this is so hard to imagine but Christians will always be celebrating (worshiping) with God and all His Creations!

V23: there was no sun or moon for the whole city was lit with God’s presence! There will be no darkness! God lights up everything; but let us note, there will be colors and we will recognize things!

How is heaven described in v24-26? The nations will walk by its light, the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it, no gates will ever be shut, there will be no nights, and the glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it.

And God does not forget His warnings of love to those who reads this Book of Revelation…..

v27: Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life (Believers of Jesus Christ)!

And so, based on these truths, what can we say about God?

1. God is powerful! With a word, God will make the earth and sky we know disappear and create a new heaven and earth! Think about this for a moment…. What we read in the Book of Genesis, we (as Christians resurrected) will actually personally witness a similar powerful creation of a new universe!!

2. God loves! God gives an opportunity to every person to be with Him for eternity. And for those who will be in heaven forever, God will have an intimate relationship with people!

3. God is forever Holy and Perfect and makes all His Creation, including believing people, holy and perfect!

4. God is Triune (Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit) but shares Himself with people!

5. God is omnipresent and pure energy!

Do you have a relationship with this God right now? You and I will be God’s “Bride” if we truly believe in Jesus Christ as our Only Savior and God forever and ever!

And based on Revelation 21, what can we say about heaven? – eternal, colorful, beautiful, physical, spiritual, relational (we will be with each other and with God!), super-energized (everything will be lit up!), Holy, and more….!

Based on Revelation 21, where will people be in eternity? – Only believers of Jesus Christ will be in eternity with God. Those who refuse to totally believe in Jesus Christ as Only Savior and God will be eternally separated from God and be with all of the demons.

Where will you be in the future?

Take a moment to quietly pray about these things…………

Benediction: Revelation 21:3-4…