Summary: Faith is an inevitable spiritual element for a Christian. It is a gift from God for those who are set apart for himself. The word "faith" is used in this world by many non- Christians, which is not the faith the bible talks about.

Parents' faith in their children's future or employer's faith in his worker's efficiency or pagan's faith in their rituals are completely different from the biblical faith. According to scripture, faith is a gift from the God of the Universe, Who was, and who is, and the IAM. The mere knowledge of this God will not help to have faith. Because faith is the affirmative response to God's will and Word. It is an ability to see God in the present, and future through one's life by accepting his leading simply because it is biblical.

The biblical faith comes into one's life as a result of hearing the Word of God. It is not the knowing the WOrd of God but through the understanding of the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit. Faith helps to access the presence of God, without which one cannot please God.

The biblical faith helps the disciple to live a fearless and victorious life over the challenges and difficulties of this lifetime. Those that possess the biblical faith, can assert courageously along with apostle Paul, "for this reason, even though I suffer as I do, I am not ashamed; for I know whom I have believed.

As a small as the size of a mustard seed of faith can move mountains; great challenges and difficulties in this life, Leet's to obey the Word of God for it is much profitable than put trust in the man who has breath in the nostrils.