Summary: Paul and Barnabas as the first missionary team had decided to venture into the Asian Cities and reached many coastal cities with Gospel and established churches. Read further.

Acts 14:1-28 First Missionary Journey Continued & Completed

14:01-07 Mission work at Iconium

14:08-21. a. Mission work at Lystra, Derbe, and Opposition

14:21. b. -28 Appointments of Pastors for Churches

Acts 14:01-07 Mission work at Iconium.

Paul and Barnabas were itinerant preachers. They moved from City to City and Islands to Islands. The author of the Book of Acts records that they spoke so effectively. Hence, a large number of Jews and Gentiles believed the Gospel. But the Jews who refused to believe stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brothers. But Paul and Barnabas faced the issues and preached boldly and spent considerable and quality time at Iconium. God had strengthened their hands by enabling them to do miraculous signs and wonders. Jewish and Gentile leaders joined together and plotted to mistreat and stone Paul and Barnabas. Paul and Barnabas decided to flee from Iconium and continued their preaching in Lystra and Derbe.

Acts 14:08-21. a. Mission work at Lystra, Derbe, and opposition.

Paul had a discerning spirit. He was preaching the Gospel and looked into the hearts of the People with the Holy Spirit. One man heard the Gospel and believed in the power of God. Through that one man, God has opened the way for the Gospel to reach the whole City. Initially, People treated Paul and Barnabas like Gods with garlands and sacrifices. But that joy was short-lived. The unbelieving Jews brought uproar in the City and destroyed the faith of the believing community. Once Paul was treated like God but now dragged like a dog. He was heavily stoned to death. Paul might have lost his energy and strength. But, with the help of Disciples, he stood again and returned to the City. The next day, they journeyed to Derbe where they preached the Good News. It is recorded that he had won a large number of Disciples at Derbe.

Acts 14:21. b-28 Appointments of Pastors for Churches

Paul and Barnabas completed their first missionary journey. They decided to go back to Antioch. On their way, they met the believers and strengthened them to stay strong in the Lord. They assured them of the grace of God. Paul emphasized to them to enter into the Kingdom of God through hardships. He taught them to stand firm in the faith and face all persecutions, criticisms, and all adversities for Christ. These are unavoidable when we do the ministry. Paul and Barnabas continued their gospel work in all the cities of their journey and boldly preached the Gospel. They appointed Pastors (Elders or Presbyters) in all the Churches and encouraged them to feed the Church. After reaching Antioch, they reported to the Church at Antioch how the mission was successful among the Gentiles. Also, they explained the challenges they faced during the mission work.


1. Is it advisable to run away from the mission field, hearing the threats? The Jewish and Gentile leaders represent whom in our days?

2. Does persecution engineered by evil leaders or natural opposition to the Gospel from the Crowd?

3. Discuss the reporting and accountability of Missions, Missionaries, and Pastors of our times?

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