Summary: Encouragement for those in service

As said previously, you cannot consciously serve The CREATOR effectively or work for HIM if you ignore or reject the Person of YAHSHUA The MESSIAH and The HOLY SPIRIT.

The CREATOR made and owns the entire universe and it all works towards HIS purposes, for HIS good and glory whether we like it or not and whether we are aware of it or not.  HE neither slumbers nor sleeps. HE owns everything and everyone. The CREATOR being who HE IS not only demands worship and submission, HE deserves it and any right thinking individual should bow before HIM and accept this fact.

JOB 41:10b-11, Matthew 11:27, John 1:3, John 16:15, Colossians 1:16-17, Ephesians 1:22

The CREATOR and evil occurring in the world

Scripture intimates that if satan had known what he was doing he would not have had YAHSHUA crucified and thus attained the greatest victory for GOD and mankind. This is true even today; we have people testifying to how tragedy actually made them better.

Paraphrased, we can say that satan’s services in their lives led to good things albeit unexpected. Bad things happen on a daily basis to seemingly innocent people. In the book of Romans in 8:28 states that all things work together for good of those that love ELOHIM. This means that whatever takes place ELOHIM is in charge and in control and HE has not taken time off and we should trust HIM to work it out. The Bible teaches that revenge is the ELOHIM'S. Thus, when a disservice has been occasioned us, ELOHIM expects and commands us not to retaliate but to let HIM use HIS sovereign power to remedy the situation.

Service to the LORD

The earth and the fullness thereof are the YAHWEH’S.1 Corinthians 10;26 and Psalm 24:1. This being the case YAHWEH can do whatever HE pleases. As the Bible says, our ELOHIM is in heaven and HE does whatever HE pleases. This includes placing people and using them in ways and circumstances that further HIS purposes. The element of choice comes to play here. We can work with YAHWEH or against HIM but at the end of the day, HIS purposes will prevail.

The bible gives us instances where people were used by ELOHIM while totally unaware and also records people who were used and were aware of it.  The Bible also records people who did not want to be used but accepted anyway and others who graciously yielded. Some are listed below:-

a.)Persons used by YAHWEH and totally unaware of it

Potiphar’s wife was a woman used to tempt Joseph and propel him to prison from whence he would rise to be second in command of Egypt. In any culture , extra marital affairs are frowned upon, Potiphar’s wife could have exercised more self control but she chose not too. Joseph chose to exercise self control. YAHWEH used this situation to elevate Joseph above Potiphar and indeed all of Egypt for the sustenance of the world.

Cyrus, whom ELOHIM called HIS servant and used to free the Israelites from captivity. This Cyrus was not even an Israelite or a descendant of Abraham by any means yet he was used by ELOHIM.

Saul who later became Paul was initially used to scatter the early Christians throughout the Roman Empire. As they fled the carried the gospel with them.

b.)Persons used by YAHWEH and aware of it

Moses knew ELOHIM and the bible points out that he identified with the Israelites as his people. He knew ELOHIM and knew that he had been rescued from death for a purpose and was eager to fulfill that purpose. Taking matters into his own hands, he killed a man and fled to the desert from where he was called and given his instructions which he was reluctant at first to accept knowing the magnitude of the task.

David an Israelite also knew YAHWEH and loved HIM. He had accepted his lot as a nobody in his father’s house until the day Samuel anointed him. He knew he was destined for great things and kept the relationship with the YAHWEH alive even in difficult circumstances.

Mary the mother of YAHSHUA knew that the MESSIAH would come. When the request was made to her to carry the HOLY BABY, she willingly accepted and the rest is history. She may not fully have understood the plan and must have suffered internally especially when YAHSHUA referred to his true followers as HIS mother and when HE was crucified.

Paul in the second stage of his life after being audibly called by YAHSHUA into service wrote much of the New Testament.

It is therefore evident  that you can serve ELOHIM with or without some form of divine visitation and instruction.

c.)Persons used by God reluctantly

Although Moses knew ELOHIM, he was aware of the magnitude of the task at hand. YAHWEH still used him in spite of his reluctance, gave him an assistant, and accompanied him with great signs and wonders.

Jeremiah the prophet expressed his desire to be silent but the call on his life was too great to ignore. He suffered greatly but allowed the YAHWEH to use him.

d.)Persons willingly used by GOD

Mary, the mother of JESUS.

Joseph who knew that he had a great destiny and no matter the difficulty, he did not sacrifice his relationship with the ELOHIM. Many fail to appreciate the fact that Joseph in Pharaoh’s court could have been killed for exalting the ELOHIM above Pharaoh as Pharaoh considered himself a god.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Many perspectives abound in each story and situation. For our times and era, in order for one to serve YAHWEH effectively and reap benefits from the relationship one must know the HIM at a personal level, commune with HIM and get instructions from the HIM.  This is done through YAHSHUA and the fellowship of the HOLY SPIRIT.

We do not seek HIM in vain and when we call on HIM, He will answer us. It is upon us to accept HIS answer and HIS way and not the other way round. It must be said again that outside YAHSHUA and the will of YAHWEH one will not realize their full potential. It is a great tragedy when people fail to realize their potential. It is a greater tragedy when a person is turned away at the gate of heaven after a lifetime of what they thought was service to the KING.