Summary: Everybody likes to be kind of understood. We may not understand all, but we can start somewhere.

Understanding our FATHER

1 John 1:5

Of course, it is impossible to understand The MOST HIGH. One word usually describes HIM in modern times, good. Those who know HIM more intimately will tell you that HE is Excellent and that that is an understatement. HE is WONDERFUL beyond description.

One way to get to know someone is by analyzing what they like and what they don’t like:

So, what does The ALMIGHTY like:

i. HE likes mankind. HE made you and as far as we know, you did not write an application letter to be created. HE has walked with mankind in spite of some great blunders. HE went ahead and made a way out for mankind in general and makes ways for individuals. HE likes people.

ii. HE likes good things. HE made nature and all its wonders. Look at the light, the rainbow. HE likes beauty and light. There is no darkness with HIM.

iii. HE likes making promises and yes HE can keep all of HIS promises.

iv. HE likes giving some things for free. Like free air, favor, water and sunlight. Free life. HE likes giving some things at a cost. I mean things like anointing. Ask HIS true servants, they will tell you.

v. HE likes proving people to determine to whom HE will give HIS most precious gifts or just who HE will reward.

vi. HE likes songs and music that originate from people and creatures that are right with HIM.

vii. HE likes to show and demonstrate HIS power especially on behalf of HIS children.

viii. HE likes to laugh. HE likes to rejoice over HIS children just like we do when little children do cute things and we laugh and get so happy.

ix. HE likes to give second chances over and over again but alas some people never realize that chances run out.

x. HE likes grandeur. Look at the description of HIS heaven and HIS throne. Look at some of the amazing natural works like the mountains, rivers, oceans, kangaroos, lions, fly eating plants, tall, tall trees. Look at yourself, fearfully and wonderfully made. Need I say more?

xi. HE likes surprises, though if you look keenly, you will notice that HE informed you before it happened.

xii. HE likes fairness, righteousness and holiness. HE judges fairly, very fairly and justly.

xiii. HE likes order and a plan. HE has plans. You should have order too. You should have plans but run them through HIM first.

xiv. HE likes YESHUA, very much, and HE said if you don’t know or like YESHUA, HE does not know you.

xv. HE likes to save. HE likes you to know YESHUA, to believe in HIM and to save yourself a great load of trouble.

xvi. HE likes to heal. Broken bodies, souls and spirits. HE likes to heal and is able to heal.

xvii. HE likes to provide.

xviii. HE likes to communicate with HIS children. HE likes to hear what you have to say. You should also hear HIM out.

xix. HE likes HIS servants and HIS work. HIS Kingdom is organized like no other. Talk about top notch efficiency and effectiveness. HE likes work and HE gives mankind work.

xx. HE fights for what is HIS. HE is a MAN of war. Don’t fight HIM, you will lose.

xxi. HE likes creating, making new things and making things new.

In no particular order, those are some of the things The MOST HIGH likes. Think about them.

What doesn’t HE like? Again in no particular order, some of the things:

i. Grumbling, complaining, lamenting endlessly about your woes, instead of praying.

ii. Lies, cheating and dishonesty in business or in relationships

iii. Bloodshed

iv. Witchcraft and occult practices

v. You loving or liking things and people more than HIM.

vi. Greed and envy

vii. You not wanting to know HIM or spend time with HIM

viii. Spreading discord and hatred among people

ix. You not trusting HIM. You not having faith. When your fear of man and circumstances is greater than your faith and trust in HIM. It means these people and troubles are your god.

x. You believing that people and other things can help you more than HE can. HE calls this running after other gods.

xi. Sexual immorality

xii. You putting marks and symbols of other gods into and on your body. HE made your body and HE has the right to dictate how you should use it and what should be done to it. Go ask the other gods to give you a body that you can defile. The one you have currently, belongs to GOD, so stop marking and spoiling it.

xiii. Injustice

xiv. Disobedience to HIM

xv. Dishonoring parents, other elderly people, HIS servants and HIS work.

xvi. Gloating.

xvii. Abusing the inherent dignity of mankind in anyway.

xviii. Denying HIS existence and presence

xix. You not accepting HIS Salvation aka YESHUA aka JESUS CHRIST

xx. Asking questions when HE has said have faith. Like the famous: “why me?”, I ask “why not you?”. Don’t talk too much, remember , HE is in heaven and you are on earth, let your words be few.

Let my words also be few.

Beloved, the scripture informs us, "And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire." Revelation 20:15.

Do you want to know JESUS as your personal Lord and Savior? Your eternity is at stake! JESUS has opened the door of salvation to every person. But there is coming a day when the door will be closed. Today is the day of salvation. Choose to be in the family of GOD. JESUS died so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with HIM. Don't delay! And if you want to begin a relationship with GOD or resume a broken one, say this: O GOD, I come to YOU today. I know I am a sinner. I believe that JESUS died on the cross to save me and HE resurrected on the third day. I repent of my sins and forsake them. I confess JESUS as my LORD and SAVIOR . I invite JESUS into my heart. By this prayer, I know I am saved. Thank YOU JESUS for saving me and making me a child of GOD. Amen