Summary: We need to realize that just because we have been chosen by God, called into the family of God, joint heirs with Christ, we are not immune to everyday problems.

Chosen by God! We need to realize that just because we have been chosen by God, called into the family of God, joint heirs with Christ, we are not immune to everyday problems. Problems like anger, depression, inferiority, and resentment. Christians are not different because we are free of problems, but because we have the power within us that the world cannot claim which enables us to face problems which come our way.

Let me make some general statements concerning Christians and problems.

1. It is wrong to think that, because you are a Christian, all your problems will be solved.

a. Genesis 42:36

b. Jacob said, “All these things are against me.”

2. It is wrong to believe that having a problem means you are unspiritual.

a. God allows things to happen to the sinner to save him.

b. Things to happen to the saint to change him.

c. Things to happen to the servant so He can use him.

3. Let’s began with one of the most common and disturbing problems facing many Christians today.

4. The problem of inferiority.

a. Inferiority is just the opposite of extreme pride. Both will destroy you.

b. Inferiority represents feelings of inadequacy. Lack of confidence. A sense of unworthiness.

1) The grand result is an inability to accept oneself. It causes you to have a poor self-image.

2) What you think of yourself is very important

c. Inferiority often leads to embarrassing moments which causes withdraw from close contact with people.

d. Worst of all inferiority often has a damaging influence on your attitude toward God, family, and your friends.

1) Which all affect your future.

I. Proper Perspectives about Inferiority

1. The feeling of inferiority is not necessarily related to intelligence.

2. The feeling of inferiority is not always noticeable on the surface.

3. The feeling of inferiority is a problem in all walks of life, even in Christianity.

4. If you have never felt inferior to others, you don’t know what a terrible problem it can be.

II. Bible People Who had the Problem of Feeling Inferior

1. Moses, Exodus 3:1-15; 4:1, 10-14

a. He was a somebody, educated in the palace of the king.

b. He lived with the best the world had to offer, yet we see a man, because of some things in his life, felt inferior.

c. His inferiority is seen where he was and what he was doing.

d. He was on the backside of the desert.

e. Have you ever been there?

2. What made Moses feel inferior?

a. The past

b. In the past, he was a failure.

c. He tried it his way and failed.

d. In the past, there was guilt.

3. What does the word of God tell us to do with the past?

a. Let the past be our teacher.

b. Great lessons are those that drive us to the backside of the desert.

c. Philippians 3:13; Paul says to forget the past.

d. Confess and forsake the past.

4. How did God solve Moses inferior problem?

a. First, he had to get his attention. The burning Bush.

b. Second, he had to get his eyes off of himself.

c. Third, he made him commit to a job he needed done.

5. Second man we see is Jeremiah.

a. Jeremiah 1:4-10

b. About 800 years after Moses, God called another man into his service. He had the same problem of inferiority.

c. Moses’ problem was with feeling fear of the past.

d. Jeremiah's problem was with people.

e. All of us have been around some people that make us feel inferior.

f. Well others make us feel good and capable.

6. Jeremiah's problem was with his age, and perhaps his experience.

a. I am but a youth!

b. He knew he was called to stand before the elders of his land.

7. His inferiority resulted from fear.

a. He was afraid to speak.

b. In verse 9 God touched his mouth.

c. We need not to fear who we speak to. When we have a message from God, we should speak it to all.

d. James 1: ask God for wisdom.

e. God's word to us is always “fear not!”

8. Third man was a man by the name of Amos.

a. Amos 7:12-17

b. From the human’s perspective, Amos had every reason to feel inferior.

c. A fig picker. He had no formal training. He had stained hands.

d. A crude looking and unpolished man.

9. Amos did not allow the feelings of inferiority to rule him.

a. Amos and David fought and won over inferiority.

10. We need not to be limited by the way we perceive ourselves compared to others.

a. We can go on successfully in spite of ourselves and limitations.

b. Acts 4:13

III. Personal Applications to Overcome Inferiority

1. It should help to know great men of God faced the same problems you and I face, and God used them. There is hope.

2. First, to overcome inferiority, know and accept what Jesus says about you.

a. God considers you a person of great worth.

b. The price paid for some things usually determines its worth, and God had to bankrupt heaven for your soul.

c. Matthew 6:26-30

d. Ephesians 2:10

3. Second, to overcome inferiority, remember how important you are to this church.

a. 1 Corinthians 12:12-18; 21-22

b. This church needs you to perform at your best.

4. Third, to overcome inferiority, readjust your estimation of yourself.

a. Romans 12:3

b. As a man think it in his heart so is he.

IV. In Closing, A Prescription to Take if Your Feeling Inferior

1. We can usually better focus our thoughts by putting them on paper.

2. So here are some suggestions: Write them down and answer them from your heart.

3. Realize you were prescribed before birth. Psalm 139:13-16

4. Remember God is still growing you. Developing you.

5. Refuse to compare yourself to others.

6. Respond correctly to your shortcoming.

a. The right way.

b. Don’t ignore them.

c. Don’t excuse them.

d. Go to work to correct them.