Summary: The story of the cross of Christ is the very heart of Christianity! The cross is the power of God unto salvation and it must be preached.

To be sure, the story of the cross is a very intense and brutal story.

But the cross must be preached. It is the power of God that saves.

I. Notice the Cross was a place of SHAME.

The Bible tell us, “Jesus endured the cross.. despising the shame.”

Here are 3 examples of the shame Jesus suffered on that cross!

-The cross was the capital punishment for common criminals.

-Jesus was stripped, exposed before a crowd, no privacy. (v27-28)

-He was mocked, spit on, given no respect. (v29-30)

II. Notice the Cross was a place of SUFFERING .

Death on a cross was brutal, intense pain.

-There was the brutal scourging with the “Cat-o-nine tails!” (27:26)

-There was the beating with a reed. (27:30) Reeds grew to 10’ long.

-The blows to his head. “Smote, buffeted” (Grk) = "Fist!” (26:67)

-The pain of the crown made of thorns. 27:29(a)

-The Roman nails. Crucified with nails thru hands and feet. (27:35)

-The pain of the spear. "Spear in side, flowed blood, water!” (Jn 19)

-The pain of being all alone. Forsaken by all. (27:45-46)

III. Notice the Cross was a place of SALVATION.

-Priests sacrifice (Heb 10:11)

-Jesus’ sacrifice (Heb 10:12)

Songwriter.... “Jesus paid it all,

All to Him I owe;

Sin had left a crimson stain,

He washed it white as snow."

I owed a debt I could not pay, He paid a debt He did not owe!

Jesus paid the debt for our sins on that cross!

Several years ago, I read the story of a doctor's death in Chicago.

The story related the doctor was owed a large amount of money

his patients. When the doctor's will was read, they found this:

"Every dollar owed to me, I mark as, "PAID IN FULL!"

That’s what Jesus did on that cross. His sacrificial death on that

cross marked our sins, yours and mine as... “PAID IN FULL!”

If you’ve not received Jesus as your Savior you can do that today!