Summary: The all seeing God and closed circuit TV

Ever seen those reality TV shows that expose what people do when their not being watched

You know the sort of show they call in four plumbers to do a job

But one of them puts in a little bit more work than the others tryinng to fix a leak not only in the kitchen but also in the bedroom draws of the lady house owner.

What the plumber thought he was doing in secret is suddenly broadcast for the whole of the world to see.

To protect him form embarasement thought they do pixelise his face.

Or then there’s the latest round of scandals in parliment over MP’s secret lives. Dover gate.

In this age of technology no one is safe not even you because you never know when your being watched.

Take a look at this video - how’s it make you feel.

Technology can be pretty scary, because you can never really know if your being watched or not.

So what’s all this got to do with God, I hear you ask.

Simple really One of the characterisitcs of God is that he is omniscient, which is a big way of sayinng he knows everything,

The hairs of your head your future, your past, and liek the hidden camera he knows to what you do when you think no one is watching.

I know that makes many of you feel uncomfortable,

Maybe the thought of God knowing your secrets makes you squirm in your seat a little.

And maybe your wondering who turned up the heat in this place.

On the one hand the fact that God knows all thing is rather comforting, but on the other hand it’s really scary.

It kind of blows away the feeling that we have when we do something that no one will ever know doesn’t it.

It’s not that were caught on tape, but we are caught in the memory banks of a God who knows all things, Chances are if he knows all things then he doesn’t forget much either.

It’s over weve all been caught red handed.

But it’s not all bad news, if it was then I think I’d be running to the hills.

But I know I wouldn’t be the only person looking for a hole to hide in.


I’d be following in some pretty big footsteps too.

If ever there was a person who should despair over this being caught out it’s a guy Called David.

King David, know David wasn’t caught on tape like the plumber that was tryinng to fix a leak in the womens underwear draw. But records of what he did are in the bible.

He’s the guy that saw this chick called Bethsheba taking a bath one day and ste up her husband so that he would be killed in Battle.

if ever there was a person who should worry about God’s ability to see all, it should be him.

And yet he doesn’t seem to worried, in fact he delights in God knowing him intimatly.

Psalm 139 seems to express this best.

So why is this, why does David not run and hide form this God who knows his darkest secret.

Why doesn’t he bury himself in some lead linned box, in the hope that God cannot see.

Firstly becuase even back then in the Old Testament there was something called forgiveness.

It’s something David knew a lot about because he made heaps of mistakes both in public and in private.

But there’s something else, it goes down to how God reacts to our secret sins.

In order to know that your going to need to look at Jesus - God made flesh

One who Hebrews says was tempted in every way that we are and yet did not give in to desires or sin

This same Jesus could look at a women who was a prostitute and not turn away even though she sold her body for sex in private.

This same Jesus could look upon a crowd and have pity on them, despite the fact that it was a crowd that called out for him to be killed.

Jesus, knew then and knows now about all our secret little sins and yet he doesn’t turn his back.

He doesn’t seek to scandalise us by putting our blaked out faces on national TV and call in entertainemt.

For God made flesh - for Jesus,

Knowing what we do in secret drew out his compassion for us.

But there’s another side too because, if we can’t keep any secrets from God, then why do we try to hide from it.

One of the biggest problemns that people face is the energy we waste in trying to cover up, guilt...

But God already knows, we can’t hide it so why try.

Rather than wasting out time on covering up, why don;t we just come clean, admit it to God and move on.

But this is the thing that really gets me about the whole thing,

In spite of what we do God still loves you.