Summary: Your life will never be complete without the church.

You Belong in the Church!

Acts 2:47

47 Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.


Specialists of the age.

Doctor, surgeons, people that you trust with your life.

Do not go to a shoe salesman if you have a toothache.

Do not go to an auto mechanic if you have a bad heart!

Church is God’s spiritual specialist on the earth today.

There are many that try to express their expertise in the spirit realm.

Friend, astrology is not God’s means of spiritual direction for your life.

Psychics are not God’s means of spiritual direction for your life!

The church is where God sends, directs, and ministers to people in today!

In the book of Acts, revival was rampant. People were being filled with the Holy Ghost on a grand scale. Thousands at a time.

Yet God did not leave them to their own devices to live for him. He added them to the church.

A few days ago I went to visit a man that needs the church in his life. I began to try and reach into his heart and remind him of his need and he was pretty quick to cut me off.

When I mentioned how much I felt like the church could help him he just looked at me and said, I figure I am doing all right. He then went on to tell me that “I figure that it’s a one on one thing between me and God anyway”.

Oh my heart broke!

You need the church in your life! You need the strength of the church!

I wish that I could tell you today that once you get involved in the church that you will never have another problem. I wish that I could tell you that once you get involved in the church that you are guaranteed to make it.

But I can’t!

All I can tell you today is that the church is just as chance!

I want to tell you today that if you get involved in the church that you will not mess up!

But all I can tell you is that the church is a chance!

Noah’s ark. 120 years worth of chance! Yet when the flood came, it did just as God had said. It destroyed everything that was not on the Ark.

Yes, God is a God of love that is why he is giving you a chance. That is why there is a church today.

If someone wants to be saved, if someone wants a way out of sin, shame, and mockery, the church is their chance for escape!

You need to get in the church and stay involved!

Heb 10:24-25

24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,

25 not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.


Honestly, I cannot understand why people do not attend church more faithfully now a days.

I am confused at the notion that is presented, if I give God Sunday morning my worship week is completed and now I can get on with the rest of my life.

Some people work too much, some are too tired. Some are too sick.

But those same people will break their leg getting to a sale on Friday night. Beat the band to be at a VFW dinner somewhere!

We need to realign our priorities! The church is just a chance! We need it more now than we ever did before.

Some say that they can make it without much church. Just me and Jesus. We will be alright.

Listen, you aren’t guaranteed to make it if you walk with him everyday!

Judas walked with him, witnessed miracle after miracle, yet when it came crunch time, he bailed out, sold out, and cracked up!

You need to get in this church and stay involved no matter the cost!

Some won’t come to church because their wife, or husband is working late.

Some won’t come to church because they just need to be in bed by 8:30.

What is this life about? A job? A nice home, car and a Jet Ski?

Is it about accumulating all that you can so that you never want?

Jesus said where your treasure is there is your heart also!

You can’t lay out of the church!

It is your lifeline. Your umbilical cord to the throne of God!

You aren’t going to get anywhere else what you get here.

Now is not the time to get hasty and start making drastic decisions! Get in the church. Get planted in the church and stay there til you grow up in Christ!

The church will help you when no one else will.

Some people think that they don’t need the church. But the church will stand in the gap for you!

Peter in prison, the church called a prayer meeting and prayed him out!

It was so incredible! Peter was shocked!

The church can pray you to a place of deliverance and victory!

Church fed widows and orphans.

We are not your bank!

One lady came up and asked me to pay her water bill. Going to be shut off. Need help.

I will do my best, but sometimes we cannot help financially.

But we will do our best to let you know that you are a part of the family of God and that we don’t want anyone to do without!

We will try and do for you what you can’t do for yourself.

We try to help the helpless! We try to give hope to the hopeless!

Some will not try to live for God. I ain’t gonna be no hypocrite!

Too many of them people up there in that church acting like they are perfect. I ain’t and I ain’t gonna act like I am. I am not gonna fake it.

Hey! Who said you had to be perfect? God did not!

He said if you are weary and heavy-laden come to him and he would give you rest!

He said that he did not come to condemn the lost! But that the lost through him might be saved!

The sinner and the sick need a savior and a doctor!

You do not have to be perfect to come here.

This is a place where a bunch of imperfect people comes to worship a perfect savior in hopes of being made like him!

Quit being so harsh and judgmental on yourself!

I never could hit a curve ball very good, but that did not stop me from going to the plate and swinging at them!

My wife bombed her first spaghetti meal! But if you will look at me you can see that did not stop here from learning to cook!

You did not score a 100 on every test, but you kept taking them!

You did not learn to ride without training wheels over night, but that did not stop you from trying to make it!

Quit trying to get perfect before you get in church!

This is the place to come and seek perfection!

We all make mistakes.

But the hope of the church is that God will add to the church those that want to be saved.

You need the church, the church needs you, God wants to save your soul! What have you got to lose?