Summary: Suffering is a normal part of life that God allows us to experience. This outline examines five principles of why God allows suffering.

Five reasons why God allows suffering

1 1 Suffering comes with the freedom to chose what you want to do. God does not make us robots but allows us to make our own choices. Choices that can make us feel pain when we make the wrong choice.

2 The pain of suffering can warn us of when we are headed towards danger. Think about a child, you can tell him or her the stove is hot, but until he or she touches it and feels pain they are not going to learn. The pain of suffering can be a teacher of lessons we need to learn.

3 God uses suffering to bring people together. Suffering can bring out the best in people. Think natural disasters.

4 Suffering gives us a chance to reach out to God and receive his graces, goodness and love. It is natural for all of us when faced with troubles to turn to someone or something higher and more powerful than we are. For most people they turn to God. It is said that there are no aithest in a foxhole.

5 Suffering gives us a chance to trust God. The scriptures teach that God works all things to the good of thoes whom God loves. Use the story of Job.

Regardless of why God allows suffering, one thing is certain. Even when it feels as if God is far away he is always ready to provide us his comfort.