Summary: These Men Saw Through the Problem and Saw The Cure


1 Chr 12:32

32 And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.

After reading through all of these verses it is Obvious that there is a definite GEM in verse 32.

The Bible describes the men of the tribe of Issachar as having the Gift of Understanding the Times.

How prophetic these Men were. It is as though GOD gave them some Special Insight.

I want you to understand tonight that it takes no Special Insight. It Takes no Prophet to tell men what they “Want to Do.”

But it takes Courage to tell men what they

“Ought to do.”

Behind every "YOU OUGHT TO" there must be Knowledge of what God Wants.

The problem is that Today

1. We have a great deal of Men with a Commercial type

of Insight

2. We have a Few with a Political type of Insight

The One Knows of the Road to Financial Success.

The Other Knows of the Road to Social Success.

But So Very, Very Few today have any Moral or Spiritual Insight.

Can I say that various men in whom we hold up tonight with high esteem are found throughout the Word of God as being men with the gift of understanding the Things of God.

Abraham, Joseph, Daniel to name but a few

What a Blessed thing to be blessed with

"Spiritual Wisdom in an UNGODLY AGE"

I. The Most Desperate Need Of Our Day Is For

Men With Prophetic Wisdom

Daniel was able to understand the Writing on the Wall

Can I say that what man needs to Know today is What God requires of Him?

1. He needs to know that there is a Judgment Day

Coming for every man.

How awful, that when God sends a wake up call in the way of Tragedy.

There is often no one there to interpret the Spiritual Writing Upon the Wall.

Oh how we need once more For Men Who can hear from Heaven

To tell of God’s Call to Repentance and Instruct in the way to God’s Righteousness.

That is No More today!!!!!!!!!

What men strive for Concerns only Wealth and Status?

Jesus spoke of this Church age When He spoke to the Church at Sardis


Rev 3:17-18

17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

18 I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

1. We Need Men Tried in the Fire to Enrich our Pulpits

2. We Need the White Raiment of a Holy Lifestyle to

invoke our every effort.

(This is caused By Holy Habits, which is related with our Clothing or Our Appearance.)

3. We have Churches filled with People

a. Who don’t even understand what God’s Word says

about our wretchedness,

b. They don’t know why they’re Miserable,

c. They are Spiritually POOR and

d. How Obvious is it that People Today have

absolutely no clue as to what God’s Word

Defines as Nakedness.

What we need are

4. Men Whose Eyes are Anointed with a Holy Ghost


5. Men who are able to discern the Spiritual

Temperature of those things that Surround

the Work of GOD.

Notice the Last Phrase in Vs 18. Don’t you know that it’s always been God’s Will


Every Generation needs

I. Men with Prophetic Wisdom

II. Next We Know That Every Generation Has

Had Prophetic Signs

The Sadness is that in Our Generation we have a Lack of Men with The Insight to Interpret such Signs

Even in those who were the spiritual Leaders of Jesus’ day we hear...

As in Matt 12:38 the Bible says:

38 Then certain of the scribes and of the Pharisees answered, saying, Master, We would see a sign from thee.

Notice What Jesus Said

Matt 12:39

39 But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign;

This was the Persistent Cry From Those who were too Blind to Interpret the Most Obvious Sign of Their Day.

That is, That Jesus Was and Is God’s Answer to Man’s every Need.

He’s the Answer to Every Man’s Prayer.

He’s the Reason behind Every Sign That GOD ever Gave.

We Praise Men, who can Accurately Read the Weather, But can Not Accurately Read the Bible.

Jesus Often Gave Signs

In The Passage we Just Used He Gives

1. The Sign of Jonah and

2. The Sign of His Resurrection

3. And upon Leaving He gave The Sign of His Return.

Don’t you see that these men

The Scribes and Pharisees) were Powerless to Interpret the Signs that God Had already Given?

Even in those Closest to Jesus we see such inattention to Spiritual Wisdom

1.The Angel said "Why Stand Ye Here Gazing?"

Jesus had already said to them Go and Continue Telling

On a Previous occasion

2.The Angels Said ”Why Seek ye the Living among the


We aren’t to Seek Jesus in

1. A Countries Dead Religion

2. A Denominations Dead Efforts

3. A Church Member’s Dead Motives

Truth is that what we are experiencing is a result of Past Failures Coming into our View

Remember what one Generation Tolerates the Next Generation Embraces.

What we See today has become The Standard Practice for Today’s Church.

1. 10 years ago a Woman Would not have Dreamed of

Wearing Pants To Church.


At the Least, It’s a Bad Testimony for the


But at the Most it was always considered to be Worldly.

It wasn’t Until Woman began entering into

The Workforce. and The Military that Pants on Women began to be Accepted, But it wasn’t until the Last 10 years that anyone dared to wear them in the House of GOD.

The Issue Has Always been Understood to have been a derivative of the

“Women’s Liberation Movement.”

You say Preacher I don’t Like That, Well I’m Just Giving You the Facts you do with it what you want.

2. 10 years ago a Man would Look like a Man When He

Came to Church.

Why? Because He was To Be The Spiritual leader of His Home as Well as at Church.

But today it’s Enough Just to Get Daddy into Church at all.

There are some of you Here tonight that remember Daddy as Being a Man who Got up before daylight, worked all day and Still came out of the Field in time to Make it To Church.

Why Preacher? Because He was The Man of His House and God Expects and has always Expected the man To Lead His Family. And Yes my friend that includes to the Church House.

3. 10 years ago you wouldn’t have thought to bring any

other version of the Bible to Church other than

What the Preacher Used.

Why? Because at best we didn’t want to be a part of

anything that was considered to be Confusing.

You need to Understand that there are a lot more differences in the Modern Versions than in the type of Words that are used.

They often come from such Text, That have Never been excepted by the Historical Church.

It would do you Good Tonight to realize How, and Why Things are in the Mess that they are in.

It’s because what one Generation Tolerated

The Next Generation Embraced.

We Live in the Very First Generation that such phrases as

1. Christian Comedian

2. Christian Rock

3. And Contemporary Christianity is being Accepted.

What’s Next? 1. Christian Porn

2. Christian Rape

3. Christian Alcohol

Friend there’s no use denying that the Church is in a Mess today

But no matter how we got in the Mess we are in, It Still Doesn’t Make It Right, and we shouldn’t Lay Back and let things go on like they are or even let them get Worse.

It’s Time You Say With Me

I Don’t Want this NEW JESUS

I Want The One Who Purchased My Wretched Soul When I was on My Way To A Devil’s Hell!

I want The One Who’ll Never leave Me Guessing About where I Stand.



If He’s to Be Found, He’ll be found by those who are Prayerfully Seeking Him in and Throughout The Living Word of GOD.

Let’s Remember tonight that the BIBLE IS SPIRITUALLY INTERPRETED.

If He Inspired Men To Write it

He Will Inspire Men To Read It.


It was Spiritually Written

It must be Spiritually Read

There’s no New Revelation Tonight

It’s the Same Old Message In A Brand New AGE.

And It’s Found In The Blessed Old BOOK.

We looked at the fact that:

I. Every Generation has needed Men Who

Have Prophetic Wisdom.

II. Every Generation Has Had Prophetic



III. Lastly It Is Time For GODLY Men To

Discern The Spiritual Drifts of Our


The Best Place To Understand the Danger’s of Drifting is in a vessel on the Sea

1. Vessels With No POWER are the ones that Drift on

the SEA of Life.

2. Vessels With No Anchor have no Hope in a Time of


If You Have No Power


You Have No Anchor

Then You Have No Chance of ever Reaching Your Destination.

What Do You Mean Preacher?

1. The Power of the Vessel is in GOD’S Touch.

2. The Anchor for the Vessel is GOD’S Word.

3. There Is A Course for the Vessel Which is Charted

by GOD’S Spirit.( Can I say Tonight that He’s Our


4. Our Destination IS HEAVEN’S SHORE

There are Some Areas in Which We Must Be Aware of Drifts

1. We Should Interpret The Drift of Our Nation

It has Obviously Rejected GOD (It no

longer has a Heart For The Things of GOD.)

2. We Should Interpret the Drift of Our


(It’s Become Centered on Men Rather than


No Man is Right 100% of the Time. Not me,

not you, and not them either.

But God’s Word is Right All of The Time, Every Time, about Everything,in Every Age

Whether in the Past, Present or the Future to COME.)


3. We Should Interpret the Drift of Our


Are We Following GOD?

(Remember He’s NOT the Author of Confusion.)

What we Have today is a Church Divided on God’s Will.

Which Means that It is Divided on God’s Word

1. A Spiritual Vision Show’s GOD on HIS Throne

Understanding that Nothing Escapes the Judgment of


2. A Spiritual Vision Shows the Vision of GOD

He sees Every Action and Effort. Whether Right or


3. A Spiritual Vision Shows the Knowledge of GOD

He Hears every Cry of Hatred as Well as Sorrow

And He Tells Us that We Will Be Judged With the

Same Measure with Which We Judge.

Here is what Verse 32 really says That while ordinary Men saw the Problem

God Sent Men Who Saw the CURE.

I want to say Tonight

The Problem’s of our Generation are Obvious to ALL that Remember another day and another way.

Truth is that God Has Anointed Some Today Who Sees also The CURE.


If Not The Altar Is Open.