Summary: With Jesus you can be what you never could before.


Our text is from Mark 5:1-20. It is about the demon possessed man who dwelt among the tombs.

Verse 3 says that no man could bind him, not even with chains. Verse 5 says he was always crying and cutting himself with stones.

I am always amazed at how Jesus is always able to separate the person from the problem.

We have such a hard time doing that. We see a person caught in chains of sin and we become disgusted at the person instead of the sin, but Jesus always looks beyond the fault. He frees the person from the hold of sin.

You see with Jesus you can be what you never could before. A madman can become a preacher. A wildman can become a family man. (vs. 19 & 20)

This man in this text is a raving madman. He is naked and he lives in a graveyard.

To the Jews of that day, even to touch a grave was to be unclean for 7 days.(Numbers 19:16)

Demonic spirits will drive people to that which is unclean. They drive people to mark and destroy their own flesh.

No laws could change this man. No code of moral standards could free him.

For years religion has tried to change people by a code of laws and a list of don’ts.


Now I am NOT saying these things are alright and I am NOT giving a license to do them. Don’t go out cussing, etc., and say, "Dave said it’s alright". NO!

Most of us know what Christian behavior is and is not. But I am saying that a list of laws won’t change your heart, and that’s the part that needs changed.

I believe it takes conversion to change a life and that conversion only comes by the work of Jesus.

This man knew his life was all wrong.

The Bible says he spent his nights and his days crying and hurting himself.

Maybe crying because, in spite of his best efforts, he could not go home. Maybe he missed his family, but when they tried to talk to him, he only hurt them. Maybe he longed for the fellowship of his friends who just couldn’t stand to be around him anymore. Maybe he found himself heart-broken but unable to change because the demon is in control.

It probably didn’t start out that way, but now he is in the trap.

Friend, his crying has been heard even from afar off. Jesus has heard.

I believe that back in chapter 4 when Jesus said, "Let us go over to the other side", He knew exactly where He was going and who was there. I believe He heard him crying.

And now look at verse 15. He is sitting. (Finally resting) He is clothed. (Oh praise God. Jesus will clothe you) And he is in his right mind.


In verse 19, Jesus tells him he can go home now. Now he can be the husband he always wanted to be. Now he can be the dad he was never able to be before. Now he can witness to others who have lost their hope and say, "I was a madman but now I’m free". Now he can look at the one bound in sin and say, "But for the grace of God, there go I".


Notice something in verse 6 & 7. This man ran to Jesus and worshipped Him, but at the same time said Jesus don’t torment me.

We see this today. People come to church or to the altar, but at the same time that thing that has them bound crys out, "Don’t torment me, Jesus." "Don’t make me change my lifestyle." "Don’t ask me to give up the unclean thing." "Don’t ask me to change my surroundings."

Once this man was delivered, he could no longer live in the graveyard. Jesus told him to go home. Leave the unclean thing behind.

Jesus will set you free, but you must leave the graveyard behind.

The devil is a cruel master. Whether it be man or pigs, his end is destruction. He is the tormenter.

Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother and says "Do thyself no harm."

He has heard you crying. He is here to help.

Jesus said "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest."

The Lord spoke in Isaiah chapter 1 and said, "Come, now and let us reason together, saith the Lord, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool."

The first words God spoke to Adam after Adam had fallen were, "Where art thou?"

Today where are you?