Summary: A strong family is a family marked by servantship.

The Submissive Family

1 Peter 3:1-7

As we continue our study of 1 Peter we will look today at the submissive family. Now don’t shut me out just yet, submission is not a bad thing. As you will see, our submission comes from our love of Jesus and others.

This chapter begins with the following words: "In the Same Way." We know that we need to look at what has been spoken to before. As with the previous relationships covered Christ is the role model. In Christ’s life God always came first. It means that there must be a humbling of spirit.

Ephesians 5:22 and Colossians 3:18 give us guidlines for submissiveness. Realize that submission is a yielding. To give you a better understanding of yielding let’s think about traffic. Why do we have yield signs at intersections and highway ramps? Because if nobody yields there is going to be a collision. Yield signs establish an order to traffic patterns. What God has outlined for us in these scriptures is a traffic flow design for families, to avoid head on collisions. When we follow His design we will have orderly homes. Jesus is the true leader of our homes. We are taught to serve and love one another. Realize that Jesus, our example, had the heart of a servant. It takes greater strength to humble ourselves than to be the center of attention. Let me give you an example. If I were to ask you who were the pillars of strength in your life, and then ask you who are the most humble people you know, the majority of you would give the same names for both questions. Humility is strength under control.

So what is the purpose of this submissive family design? Win unbelievers to Christ. There is no no preaching, just the example of a Godly wife. By showing obedience to the scripture this wife honors God and lives a pure life.

What is true beauty? The Bible tells us that it is not external. Make up, jewelry, and nice clothes do not make a woman beautiful. A woman’s true beauty is contained within. The qualities of that beauty include:

1. a gentle spirit

2. a quiet spirit

The Bible is full of examples to guide us in our daily walk. James gives a couple of examples of these principles. We are asked to recall the life of Sarah. She put Abraham first and called him master. This was not done out of fear, but out of respect for his role as head of the household.

Others first, that is our marching order. To follow Christ we are called upon to deny ourselves daily. When we deny ourselves, others will always come first.

Now lest you think I was going to leave the men out of this issue. Men you have a responsibility too. Would you look at this, the same words we began with: "In the same way." Husbands are not given free reign to lord over their wives. The man is called upon to give to his wife. This doesn’t mean giving her a shopping trip to the mall on a regular basis, it means that the husband must be willing to lay down his life for her - Ephesians 5:25. Husbands you must be willing to sacrifice for your wife just as Jesus did for the benefit of his bride, you and I. For we are the bride of Christ. The husband is to honor his wife. Men you must hold her in high esteem, as a precious treasure. You need to put your wife on a pedestal, show her off, before you show off your fishing trophies and golf clubs. She is the most precious thing in your home. To make this easier remember to look upon her as Jesus looks upon her. She is a sinner in need of a savior. She has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus and is a fellow heir in the Kingdom of Heaven.

So husbands, wives cherish and serve one another, you’ll be surprised to watch your household blossom with the love of Christ.