Summary: A 3 piece recipe for true obedience.

Being Truly Obedient

Micah 6:6-8

Being truly obedient is a 3 piece recipe. Each ingredient is unique and without them all obedience is incomplete.

God is the designer of this obedience recipe, so you can rest assured that there are no flaws in it. Let’s take a look a the 3 key ingredients.

First there is justice. Justice protects the weak - children, elderly, those who are sick, poor, etc... Justice also means a willingness to stand up for what is right. From justice comes moral integrity, honesty, a holding to God’s values. Those who are just make sure that all are seen as valuable in God’s

eyes. The just can see other this way, because they make it a point to look at all others through God’s eyes.

The second ingredient of obedience is mercy. Mercy can be defined as showing the Love of Jesus to those who need to see it. When we are merciful we respond to hurts in peoples lives, without deepening their wounds. This requires us to show forgiveness to those who hurt you and do you wrong. It also means forgiving yourself for past failures.

The third ingredient is Humility. Humility puts others first. It requires that we obey God even when our desire is to do otherwise. God’s will must come before your own. Recognize God for who He is and do all that God asks of you, because of who He is. When you humbly obey God the rest will come naturally.

I challenge you to get into God’s kitchen this week and let Him cook up true obedience in your life.