Summary: This sermon is about letting the LOrds power work in your life

praise The lord on today

The LOrd gave me a word to give you on today and it is simply this " it is finished."

John 19:30

A couple of days ago while talking to a friend about the bible the Lord led me to the last days that Jesus was on the earth in the flesh . You know the story about how Jesus was betrayed by Judas with a kiss,and how he had to stand trial before Pilate, you also know how they hung him on the cross by driving nails through his hands and his feet. you also know how they pierced him in the side and out came blood and water you already know all of this but there is a deeper revelation here. I am not going to go through the whole story but I am going to back up and take you down the street where God wants me to take you.

This scene takes place after Pilate has, had his private conversation with Jesus and has determined that Jesus was not guilty of what he was charged with (John 19: 10). Imagine with me if you would Jesus standing in the judgment hall. He is beaten and badly bruised, his face is battered almost beyond recognition. He is wearing and ugly tattered purple robe and as he walks by the soldiers taunt him and make fun of him, listen as they call our savior names. The son of God. Jesus our savior, Listen as they shout out crucify him, crucify him, crucify him.

As your heart is aching within your chest and tears are running down your face from imagining his pain. Then you see it . The crown of thorns that they have placed on his head. The crown of thorns is pushed so far down on his head that it is piercing his brain. Imagine the torment. Imagine the pain. He endured all of this so that we could have salvation.

Finally through much torment and pain he reaches Pilate. I want you to understand that because Pilate didn’t think that Jesus was guilty he wanted to release him. Pilate actually made it quite clear to everyone that he didn’t find fault in Jesus but the people cried out crucify him. Imagine how Jesus must have felt. The pain, the anguish, the lonliness.The Torment.

After Pilate had bought Jesus out in front of the people it was bought to his attention that Jesus has to be crucified because Jesus had claimed himself to be the son of God. This made Pilate very afraid. Out of his anger and pity for Jesus Pilate went back to question him again.

Who are you? he asked Jesus. Where do you come from? Jesus didn’t answer him he never said a word. After Jesus would not answer him, Pilate said, Why won’t you answer me? Don’t you know that I have the power to crucify you and the power to release you?

I can imagine that it was at that point that Jesus lifted his head through all his pain and torment,turned to Pilate. looked him in the eye and then he said The only reason that you have any power against me is because it was given to you from above. It was at that point that Pilate realized that he had no power whatsoever against Jesus. Jesus was telling him in other words. Man what you are doing to me is going according to my plan, so that I may fulfill my destiny. So that I may fulfill my reason for living. That my people my be saved. What Pilate didn’t realize was that through the whole process of Jesus being beat and going through what he was going ,all he had to do was speak a word and his angels on stand by would have killed everybody. Nobody would have been standing, All he had to do was speak a word out of his mouth and it would have been over. However Jesus didn’t do that because he understood that there was a process that he had to follow in order for us to receive salvation. Watch it. So he was telling Pilate you are only doing what I want you to do.

First revelation

Man has no power against you as long as Jesus has your back, as long as he is with you. Satan has no power against you as long as Jesus is with you.

I know sometimes it may seem as if Jesus is far away, like he is not there. But he is always there. I know that you fell again but Jesus is there. I know you have received an eviction notice, or your husband has walked out on you but Jesus is always there. I know that your children are on drugs and being led in the wrong direction but Jesus is always there. I know that you are sick in your body but Jesus is always there. Watch this

Jesus says I had to let you go through what you went through in order for you to see my glory ,in order for you to realize that I am real. In order for you to realize that I am the author and finish of your faith, I want you to know that I knew the ending of your story before the beginning was even written. for the bible says

Trust in the Lord with all thine hard and lean not to thy own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy path.

I know you don’t understand what is happening to you but My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways. or either I can say it this way who has known the mind of God, who has been his counselor.

I know that you feel like giving up but I tell you that now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

When you feel you foot slipping I will hold you up, as a matter of a fact I will give my angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. They will bear you up in there hand, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Because I know your heart and I know that you love me and because you have know my name I will deliver you, I will answer when you call me, I will be with you in trouble ,I will set you on high, I will satisfy you with long life and show you my salvation.

At the times in your life when you are going through problems, that is when satan takes opportunity to laugh in the face of Jesus and say I got him/her now there is no hope, but that is when Jesus will turn around and tell him/her, you only got my child because I allowed it , but know this you only have the ability to hold him for a little while, because when he has learned the lessons that I am teaching him/her I going to snatch him back. Satan he says you have no power other than what I give you. You have no power against what I planned for his/her life. You are only doing what I want you to do. You are the vehicle that I used to get him where he is going.

Somebody who is hearing this message is set to go to trial for a serious crime but the LOrd says on today that I am working it out. He says ,To The the judge who says I have the power to release you or keep you. no,no ,no , You also don’t have any power, You are sat in place because through you I am going to get my glory. Through you I am going to show the unbelievers that I am God. Through you I am going to prepare a table for my child in the presence of the enemy. I am going to prepare a banquet for him in the Presence of the same demons who sat out to destroy him. To those who have their mouths on my children through lying and backbiting, THe LOrd says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. To the employer on your job, Jesus say you may feel that you have control over his environment but you guess what ,you don’t have control over his situation because he/she is surrounded by my hedge. You cannot touch him/her. That’s why when you were in hell no harm came to you because God didn’t allow them to touch you. You need to praise Jesus right now. Jesus says I was beat that you might be free, I was crucified so that you could be saved. No demon in hell is going to keep you from your destiny.

The world and satan Has no power against you ,none what so ever. I find it amazing to know that before we were even born, that God already knew the paths that our lives would take. He knew when we were going to take detours, he knew when we were going to fail and fall, he knew when we were going to get back up, he knew if we were going to serve him or not, if we were going to love him, he knew, he knew all of this but he still decided to love us and let us live.

Again to that person who has to go to court, The lord says Don’t worry about your court dates. When you go to court you just keep in your mind that Jesus is in control of your situation, and that nobody has power but Jesus. Don’t even let your mind lapse for a moment, not even when it look like your falling because it is at those times that Jesus will come in with his master plan. A plan that will astound and shock the enemy, it is at those low times when he will show you his glory and the enemy has to step back and say " this must be a child of God"

This comes to the last part "it is finished"

John 19:30

After all the prophesies were fulfilled and he had done all that he had to do ,Jesus said it is finished,he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.

Saints of God when something is finished it is over and done with, it has reached its end. The job is complete.Isn’t it amazing that Jesus even had power over his own death. Jesus didn’t die until he said it was time for him to die. He didn’t give up his spirit until he said it was time. You see there were certain things that had to take place before he could die or before he could say it was finished.

#1) He had to fulfill the scripture

A) They parted my raiment among them,and for my vestures they did cast lots (psalms 22:18)

b) They gave me also gall for my meat and in my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink ( psalms 69:21)

#2) He had to take care of his earthly responsibility by making sure his mother was cared for after he

was gone, (John 19: 26,27) .

after all of this he said." It is finished "

The lord told me to tell you that your situation is finished. You have to realize that God sees us in a way that man could never imagine. He sees us as he created us. He sees us for who we are predestined to be. I want you to understand that even though your situation is finished, Even though Jesus has spoken it into your life on today. There is a process that you have to go through to reach your "It is finished Blessing". You are already going through the process as we are speaking. God is changing your heart and mind. You are learning to hear the voice of God. God is speaking to you about who you are and what your purpose is, as a matter of a fact he has let you know that there are certain things in your life that has to be removed in order for you to reach the next level, but you are just like any other human being you are trying to hold on to the contaminated blessing you my friend are trying to hold on to counterfeit things, those things that want to keep you down. At this point in your life God should be your main focus, not your situation, Not your finances, not your relationships, not your job or lack thereof You have got to continuously set your sights on things above,

The Bible says seek you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things will be added unto you. That mean if you keep your mind on God, he is going to give you all the things you need according to his will, not according to your will. If you keep him first he will open up doors for you ,he will open up windows for you. You cannot be worried about foolishness. You have to keep your eyes stayed on God.

Thus saith the LOrd

You can bear up your brothers burdens by praying for them, by lifting them up,and caring for them but you are not responsible for them if they don’t want to live for me You are not responsible, if they don’t live for me. Every man must bear his own burden. When time comes for man to stand before me at the judgment seat, every man will have to STAND FOR HIMSELF. You won’t be able to explain away another persons actions to me or make excuses to me for what that person has done. YOU ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU ,WHEN YOU STAND BEFORE MY FACE.

" Ask GOd for understanding with this saying "

I am about to bring this Word to a close, God wants you to know that just like Jesus let Pilate know that he had no power over his situation, he wants you to know that Satan and his demons have no Power over you and your situation because he is control. Those troubles that keep you up at night and cause you to be cast down are only pawns in Gods divine plan for your life. So have victory in that and be blessed. He wants you also to know that your situation is already finished, you just have to continue to have faith and believe. No matter what man may says it is finished. Because the lord has spoken amen