Summary: A Message to all

What Can the Lord do for You?

Mark10: 46-52 (51)

What wilt thou that I should do unto thee?

Matthew 11:5

· Blind Received their sight (Bartimaus Mk 10:46-52)

· Lame made to Walk (Pool of Bethesda Jn 5:1-9)

· Deaf Hear (Deaf & Dumb Man Healed Mk 7:32-37)

· Dead raised up (Lazarus Jn 11:1-45)

¨ Women in sorrow

The Lunatic Mark 5:2-20

· Took a man that was a Lunatic and changed that

· Found him clothed and in his right mind

· He also went and told about his encounter

The Woman with an issue of blood Mark 5:24-34

The woman’s disease one writer stated was A Chronic menstrual disorder

It affected her whole life

· Sexually – Couldn’t touch her husband

· Maternally – Couldn’t have children

· Domestically – Anything she touched was considered unclean

· Spiritually – Couldn’t enter the temple

The Ten Lepers Luke 17:12-19

Leprosy was a disease of the flesh; maybe you have a fleshly disease of a different form

· Drugs

· Alcohol

· Sex

· Gambling

· And the list does go on

The woman caught in the act of adultery John 8:3-11

Law says only punishable by death if 2 eyewitnesses

· Wonder how long that they might have looked in a window or something like that?

· What happened to the man?

· Were they jealous because that it wasn’t them that was with her?

Simon Peter

· Peter was called to be a Fisher of men Mt 4:18-20

· Peter announced his Faith Mt 18:16

· Peter’s Fall Mt 26:69-75

· Peter’s Faith is Renewed Acts 2

*Maybe you are like Peter because you might have been real close to Jesus but Forsaken him. The Lord can use you if you will just turn to Him

*Peter was so close to Jesus on time that he walked on water

*Peter refused to let Jesus was his feet

*Peter cut off the ear of the High Priest & the Lord healed it

Apostle Paul

· Son of a Pharisee

· Taught by Gamaliel (Well Educated)

· Member of the Sanhedrin

· Persecuted Christians

· Present at Stephen’s Stoning

· Went on a road that changed his life forever (Damascus)

· Silent for 3 Years then went back to Jerusalem

· Later goes on to be one the Greatest men of God in the Whole


· Went on Several Missionary journeys where he undoubtedly led a great number to the Lord

· Wrote several books in the New Testament (14)