Summary: Part of the Christmas Wonder PowerPak.


On July 29, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong climbed down an aluminum ladder and put his feet on the surface of the moon. In an address to the nation President Richard Nixon said, “The greatest event in human history occurred when man first put his foot on the moon.”

I contend, however, that the greatest event in human history was when God put His foot on the earth. He stepped out of heaven through the womb of a Jewish virgin. He was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. His name was Jesus.

Once again it is Christmastime. Christians realize this is the occasion when the Son of God became the Son of Man. And the god of Genesis became the Babe Bethlehem.

LUKE 2:41-46 READ


Joseph and Mary lost the Lord Jesus. Jesus had been with them 12 year. They, the ones closest to Him, Knew everything about Him.

Some of the greatest men in the Bible fell into sin. Adam, Noah, Saul, Samson, David, and Peter . No matter how long a person has known Jesus he can still lose Him, for all Christians are vulnerable to backsliding.


Joseph and Mary lost Jesus during a religious celebration, The Passover celebration.

People may lose Christ in the midst of the Christmas season- when activities keep them from Christ. This Christmas, be careful not to lose Christ in the midst of Christmas.


The Real Meaning : Donald Dugan’s youngest daughter, Nancy, was almost four, and the parents and four older children all had tried to prepare Nancy for Christmas by talking with her about the real meaning of Christmas and why the family celebrated it.

Nancy had a wonderful Christmas with a lot of presents and toys. A few day’s later, Nancy was talking with her older sister about what a great Christmas she had, and said: “I sure hope Joseph and Mary have another baby.


There are three reasons why Mary and Joseph left Jesus behind:

a. Their perception was weak

Jesus tarried in Jerusalem, and Joseph and Mary did not know it (vs 43).

It is a tragedy to think you have Jesus when you do not –to think you are saved or going to heaven when, indeed, you are lost.

b. Their presumption was wrong. (vs.44)

Verses 44 indicates they supposed Jesus was in their company. It is wrong to suppose that Jesus is with you if you are careless about your relationship with Him. Make sure He is in your heart now; don’t suppose you are right with God.


A couple had a brand new baby and invited all of their close friends and family over for a party to celebrate their precious child. As the guests arrived they laid their coats on the couple’s bed and went into the living room to the party. After everyone had eaten, gifts had been opened and pictures had been passed around, someone asked when they could see the baby. The mother said, “Go and get her, she’s taking a nap on my bed.” The room went quiet as everyone realized what had happened. In the midst of the celebration, the baby was forgotten and suffocated under the guests coats.

c. Their progress was wasteful. (vs.44)

Verses 44 also indicates they went a day’s journey without Him. A day without Jesus is a wasted day. A life without the Lord Jesus is a wasted life. How did they leave Jesus? Mary and Joseph left Him one step at a time.

One backslides from God step at a time. If there was ever a time that you loved Jesus Christ more, then you have backslidden that much. Don’t leave Christ behind this Christmas season.


Jesus parents found Him in the same place they had left Him: in the temple. You will always find Christ where you left Him.

There are several steps in getting back to Him.

a. Recognize you problem concerning Jesus.

Verses 44 and 45 indicate they sought for Him among family and acquaintances but did not find Him.

Before one can return to Christ, he must realize that he has lost Christ. Mary and Joseph did not even allow family members to stop them from finding Jesus. Will Jesus be found among your family members this Christmas, or will you allow your family to stop you from serving Him.

b. One has to return to the place of Jesus (vs.48)

They sought for 3 days until they found Him. vs48 There was a change in direction after a thinking about their condition

c. One must regret his past without Jesus

Mary and Joseph sought for Him sorrowfully. Godly sorrow leads to repentance. The saddest person in the world is one who once had Christ but lost Him.

d. One needs to receive the person of Christ again.

Not only did Jesus parents seek Him (vs.45) , and see him (vs48), they secured Jesus by taking Him home with them, (vs.49)

Keep Christ in your home this Christmas. Let Him be the center of conversation and the focal point of the family. If you have lost Him, receive Him again. Jesus is the reason for the season.


Where is Jesus in your Christmas plans this year? Are you worshiping Him, or have you left Him behind among the tinsel, toys and tree? It is not too late to come back to Him. Don’t allow your heart to be a busy inn that has no room for Him.