Summary: Four things that God does not know

1. God doesn’t know a sin that He doesn’t hate.

God hates all sin.Sin is what seperates us from Him. People today feel as though the gospel is for all the "bad people" and not for them. God is not like our fourth grade teacher He doesn’t grade on the curve.My sin can’t be measured by what you’ve done compared to me because we are not the standard God is and He is perfect.

2.God doesn’t know a sinner that He doesn’t love.

Love is one of the most basic of all human needs the word however has been so thrown around that it’s lost it’s meaning.Love is an action word and that is just what God did for us He demonstrated His love by dying on Calvary.God gave His only Son would you do that? I can’t think of anyone I would do that for and yet He did this for everyone that was ever born in this world whom would accept the sacrifice that was made.

3.God does not know a better plan of salvation than the one that is offered.

The reason this plan is so perfect is that all you need to do is to accept it by faith.Everyone has the same access it’s the same for the rich and the poor the caucasion or the african, the intellectial or the dropout anyone can believe in the atoning work of Christ and put thier faith in Him. Man truly is going to be without excuse.

4.God doesn’t know a better time to accept His plan of salvation than at this moment.

It is never to early but at any moment it could be to late. There are souls in hell that would give anything to have the oppurtunity that you have right now

Agree that you’re a sinner

Admit you need the Lord and believe that He died for you’re sins and then rose again.

Accept that His death is a gift from God that you can’t earn or put a price on.Grace is truly a gift for the guilty.