Summary: Some Benefits of Seeker Sensitive Churches - Luke 19:10

Some Benefits of Seeker Sensitive Churches

1. Seeker sensitive churches are known for their evangelistic impact. Lk 19:10

2. The worship is contemporary with the focal point being on those who are lost. They are willing to give up old solutions and find better ways of doing evangelism

3. There is a generous use of music, drama and problem-solution preaching.

4. An emphasis is given to presenting a positive picture of the Christian faith.

5. Opportunities to receive eternal life through saving faith in Christ is the climax

6. Church services help believers give worship to God through service to the non-Christian community.

7. Efforts are made to be biblically sound and culturally relevant to the felt, perceived and real needs of people.

8. There is a clear path taught and illustrated from being lost to being found and to growing in Christ. It is not haphazard but is a well thought through strategy.

9. Encouragement is given to have friends that are lost who are invited to these Sunday morning or Saturday evening services.

10. Dramas and music are designed to appeal to the culture of the seekers.

11. Seeker sensitive congregations value lost people. There is a concern for each lost person believers come in contact with.

12. Evangelism training is given consistently throughout all age groups to help individuals lead people to Christ.

13. Provisions are made to promote evangelism like tracts and Jesus videos for distribution purposes.

14. Multiple spiritual gifts are deployed and developed that enhance the qualitative and quantitative growth of the church.

15. A sense of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is sensed in the congregation just as it was in Acts 2:41-47 so that the Lord regularly adds to the numbers those are being saved.

16. They pursue excellence in all levels of their ministries as it honors God.

17. They do not neglect the needs of the comers, growers, developers, disciple-makers, leaders, reproducers and multipliers.

18. They organize for their results in bringing in the harvest. (Matt. 9:36-38)

19. There is an emphasis on prayer and trust in the Holy Spirit to convict people of sin, righteousness and judgment.

20. The goal is to make the as Gospel biblically and culturally relevant, contextual and appealing to lost people as possible.