Summary: People were amazed at the teaching of Jesus and wondered about the source of his wisdom.


The people were "amazed" at the teaching of Jesus and wondered where such knowledge came from. After all, Jesus had not studied as the "other religious" leaders had.

I. Jesus Teaches

The word "teach" means "to instruct by word." It is the ability to influence the understanding of the person who is taught. The goal is "to shape the will" of the one taught by the communication of the knowledge given.

We are to take a public stand for Christ. (Matthew 10:32)

Be courageous! Speak up for Christ!

v.16 His teaching and authority came from God! Only the one who does God’s will can truly understand God’s teaching.

Jesus gave the credit to God rather than some human teacher as the scribes were accustomed to doing. He was not seeking his own glory, but that of the Father.

II. The People Reacted

v.20 They said, "You are demon-possessed."

Jesus drove right through their petty rules and regulations. If he was right, then they were wrong; and they "loved" their own little system more than they loved God. Here the Son of God was standing before them, and yet they clung tightly to their rules and regulations.

Is is still possible today for a person to love his own "little system" more than he loves God?

Excommunication from the synagogue was one of the reprisals for believing in Jesus (John 9:22). To a Jew, this was a VERY SEVERE punishment.

While the religiousleaders allowed certain exceptions to Sabbath laws (circumsion), they gave "no slack" to Jesus who was showing mercy to those who needed healing. Are we at times more conerned with doing something a certain way rather than the effect it may have in a negative way upon a person’s life? Jesus was always more concerned with people than with systems.

Life Application:

Have you ever wondered whether or not you were being told the truth? Test the words that you are hearing.

1.The words should agree with and not contradict the Bible.

2.The words should point to God and his will, not to the one doing the speaking.

The motivation of the speaker will give you a hint as to where the glory is headed.

Whose words are you listening to and how are they living? Stay close to the One who is the Living Word.