Summary: Fear is the biggest boundary to sharing our faith until we realize that fear need not be an issue if we share according to Peters instructions.

Dismissing the Fear of telling others about Christ.

I Peter 3:13-17

I. Dismiss your fear with a strategy to do good works. (v. 13)

A. Telling others about Jesus begins with our actions, not our words.

1. This shatters most stereotypes of evangelism.

a. IE. Street evangelist: Crazy preachers!

b. Illus. WSU evangelist. Personal experience

"When I was in college at Wright State University, an evangelist came and began "peaching" in the main square on campus. Yes, he spoke the truth but he did it with a hammer. He was heckled and torrmented, but he kept preaching."

- We feel that we have to fit into this mold to witness.

- Not true!

2. “They don’t care what you know unless they know that you care.”

a. This is our concept behind the Walmart hot dog give-away’s.

"We have a booth at a local Walmart for a Saturday afternoon and pass out free hot dogs, cotton candy, etc. all under the name of our church and all to the glory of our God."

b. This is the concept behind the Jesus Video Project.

3. There’s to be eagerness to our goodness.

a. “eager” = Grk “mimetes” = to imitate or mimic.

b. Illus.: My younger son always copying the older.

B. Our good works earns us the right to tell about Christ.

1. The best kind of witnessing begins with a relationship.

a. Not the only kind, but it is the best kind.

b. Kindness opens the door of their lives

2. Warning! It should not stop with acts.

a. If your doing good works to be a witness, but you never talk about your faith, church, or the Lord, what good are you doing?

b. Look for the opportunities.

II. Dismiss your fear by realizing your blessings. (v.14)

A. The blessings come from a promised future. (Matt 5:10-12)


B. The blessings come from a secure present.(Isaiah 8:12-14a)

III. Dismiss your fear by being prepared. (v.15)

A. Prepare the condition of your heart, first.

Set apart Christ as Lord.

1. Jesus must be in the “drivers seat” of your life.

a. You can be a Christian and not have Jesus in full control of your life.

b. He must be to accomplish His work!

2. “Set apart,” = Grk “hagiazo” = seperated.

a. Set apart Christ alone in your heart.

b. Put Him as your center-piece.

3. Illus.: Car illustration. Drivers seat.

B. Prepare your mind. How?

Be prepared to give an answer.

1. “Answer” = Grk. “apologia” = a verbal defense.

2. Learn some scripture. (tracts)

a. You don’t have to be a theologian.

b. If you can’t memorize them, write them in the cover of your Bible. Have them handy.

3. Relate your story. (personal testimony)

a. Tell of your life before Christ.

b. Tell how you came to know Christ.

c. Tell of the change Christ made in your life.

d. Example’s: Me, Rick, Mike, Fingerhut’s, Sheryl

4. Rely on the Lord’s leading.

a. Key reason why Christ must be set aside as Lord.

b. When you think you’re lost, Jesus will give you the words to say.

c. What about the “Mystery Questions”?

We are all afraid of being asked the questions that we don’t know how to answer.

- Trust Jesus.

- Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

- Any question you get stumped with, go find the answer to it. When you find it, it won’t stump you again!

- Faith doesn’t require answers to all questions. That’s why it is faith!

- Trust that God has all answers, even if you don’t.

C. Prepare your attitude.

Let your speech be in gentleness and respect.

1. Though the Greek for “answer” = verbal defense, it doesn’t mean fight.

2. Mirror Jesus’ treatment of people.

a. IE. Samaritan woman, Nicodemus, etc.

b. “What about Pharisees?”

- Illus.: Eggs and Walnuts.

3. Illus.: Samantha: Devil worshipping atheist.

a. Personal experience with a self proclaiming “Devil worshipping atheist.”


D. Prepare for the attacks. (v.16)

Those who speak maliciously. . .

1. It can not be avoided. (2 Tim 3:12)

a. It’s the nature of the lifestyle you have chosen.

2. You don’t want it; I don’t want it; but Jesus didn’t want it either.

IV. Conclusion. Do good rather than evil. (v.17)