Summary: Faith must reach into the realm of HOPE!


By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Today, I ponder FAITH deeper.

Let’s ponder faith and faith’s accomplishments.

Our thought is: Faith is your TITLE DEED.

Let us consider Hebrews 11:1 ...

Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for,

the EVIDENCE of things not seen.


-concrete existence,

-reality shown by outward manifestations,

-material in your possession.



-trust, confidence,

-desire with expectations,



-bear witness,

-outward sign,


-legal submission as truth.

I want to consider faith as a TITLE DEED.

To consider this we must understand what Title Deed


Title Deed is a legal agreement coming to terms with

both parties, it constitutes legal ownership,

something that proves a claim, a justification that

substantiates a claim.

May I suggest this is what FAITH is to the believer?

Let’s add Romans 4:18,

Who against hope believed in hope ...

This idea of hope against hope means

to hope without any reason to hope.

Hope beyond any bases for expecting fulfillment.

We must learn to grow and develop our faith to the

level that goes beyond sight, emotions,

circumstances, and past scars.

Let’s look at the Amplified Version of

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the ASSURANCE

(the confirmation, THE TITLE DEED)

of things we hope for,

being the PROOF of things we DO NOT SEE ...

and the conviction of their REALITY...

Faith perceiving as real facts what

is not revealed to the senses.

As the title deed is evidence of real estate ...

So FAITH is our evidence for the soul, spirit man.

Years ago, after an earthquake in California,

a fire destroyed the court house and all the title

deeds were destroyed.

Many claimed property rights that did not legally

own the property.

Two men laid claim to one property, how shall this

be resolved?

One man brought rent receipts before the judge, and

the judge accepted this as proof of ownership.

Now, Faith is the substance ...

faith proves itself time and time again.

Title Deed Faith KNOWS!

I ask you what do you know?

Title Faith EXERCISES.

Romans 8:28 For we know that all things work

together for the good to them that love the Lord,

the called according to HIS PURPOSE.

I think the real focus of this verse should be ...


Faith does not state that all things are good, but

that things will work together for the good.

This thing we face may be bad,

but God will make it work until... good comes.

Faith does not suggest that all things work

well ...

But rather things will work and change will come.

Faith states all things ... (good or bad)

will work together WITH THE END RESULTS BEING


Title deed faith must accept the Word of God will accomplish the WORK of God.

We may have honest questions, but we refuse to dwell on Question Alley.

Title Deed faith must reach to 4 areas:

1) Spiritual ...

Faith must accept God has a plan and is in control

of all things.

2) Emotional ...

We must let faith control our emotions.

Emotions will play games with you.

Faith controls anger, depression, tongue, feelings.

Faith that does not reach the emotional level is


3) Intellectual ...

Faith must reach the mind and inner thoughts

and ideas.

Martin Luther said, " Reason is the greatest enemy

that faith has..."

4)Volutional ...WILL ...

Faith must effect the areas of our choices,

wishes, and decisions on our daily living.

Blind faith can never be weighed in the balances,

but the test and the crucible will tell.

Mat. 8:26 Why are ye fearful??? ... O ye of little faith.

2 Cor. 5:7 We walk by faith, ... NOT BY SIGHT...

1 Tim. 6:12 Fight the good fight of faith...

2 Tim. 4:7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I HAVE KEPT THE FAITH....

Faith is our Title

Deed, we must learn to practice and let the Word

lose to accomplish God’s plan and purpose.

Faith does not look back.

Faith is the telescope that sees beyond...

Lord, teach us to release our Title Deed Faith.

His servant,

Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Pass it on?