Summary: Christ’s example at the cross is our example for life.

Living At The Cross

Colossians 2:13-14

I. God’s grace and mercy revealed

A. Your condition

1. disobedient

2. dead

3. sinful

4. indicted

5. God’s enemy

B. God’s provision

1. new life

2. unconditional forgiveness

3. clean slate

4. removal of the evidence – Psalm 103:12

5. destroyed the past

II. Your role

A. Disciple – Matthew 16:24-25

1. Take up your cross

a. bear the sins of others

b. forgive

c. forget

2. Deny yourself

a. right to anger

b. right to judge

c. right to be offended

d. right to be hurt

e. right to be heard

f. right to control

3. Follow the example of Christ

a. Forgive without demands

b. Love without strings

c. Show mercy without merit

III. The Caution – 1 Corinthians 11:27-31

A. Everyday is the Lord’s supper

1. We break the bread and drink the wine

a. Forgiveness

b. Unconditional love

c. Grace

d. New Life

2. Examine yourself at the altar

a. the altar of prayer, fellowship, worship and Bible study

b. search deep

1. unforgiveness

2. pride

3. judgement

4. anger

5. scorn

IV. What must take place – Matthew 5:23-24; Luke 6:37-38