Summary: We close the spin the web series with a heavy conclusion of loved ones going to hell.

#3 Spinning a web to catch the lost: ANSWERS

By Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

We must develop a system to bring others to the Lord.

Part 3 of 3.


Text: Prov. 11:30 The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life: and he that WINNETH souls is wise.

Jude 1: 22. And some having compassion, MAKING A DIFFERENCE: 23. And others saved with fear, PULLING THEM OUT OF THE FIRE; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. 24. Now unto Him that is able to KEEP YOU FROM FALLING...

Someone is waiting on your invitation to church and will find Jesus.

Confirmation: ????????

Wow, my doors are blown off?

I received this reply TO THE SERIES SPIN THE WEB, from somewhere in

another state.

I will not reveal the source, but I rest my case.

This is powerful.

Somebody must listen, someone must help me pass this information.

Let’s steal souls out of the enemy’s hands.

Jesus help Mike find Your love.

Many tears have I shed for Mike and his most precious family.




Subj: Re: #1Spin web for souls (Form to fill-in)

From: ?????? To:


I never cease to be amazed at where you find the inspiration for your teachings.

I have always believed that God has his hand on you.

Even when I was young, and you were still teaching school,

I always felt blessed in your presence.

I don’t know how to explain it, it’s as if I felt closer to God by proxy.

You are right about something you wrote in your teachings.

I have lived in ???? for almost a year and a half.

In all that time no one has invited me to Church.

I know several people who are attending church every Sunday,

but you pegged it when you said people who have been attending

Church sit in the pews.

They do lose that flame that one drove them to call people to God.

What a shame.

One too many rejections, one too many persons didn’t come so

they gave up on the rest of the world.

You were also right when you stated that most people come

because someone they knew asked them.

Martin, I had asthma till I was almost sixteen.

I spent around three weeks in the spring, and three weeks in the fall in the hospital.

I was hooked up to an I.V. for most of that time, and connected to oxygen.

I am not ashamed to say that I know why I no longer have asthma.

I had a woman at the ???? Church of God lay hands on me and pray,

I have not had an asthma attack since that day.

(I am ashamed to tell you I don’t remember her name.)

I do know that God has played a large role in my life,

in the fact that I am still here.

We both know the odds were against me.

The surgery I have had, the breathing problems,

all of those I beat the odds on.

I know I didn’t do it alone.

I have often wondered why.... It’s in those moments when I recall

"That God so loved the world....." Am I apart of the world?

Yes, I guess I am. Am I a part of the backslidden?

Yes, I know I am.

Is there a reason for me to be here?

As I write this I am watching her (his daughter) eat breakfast

before she goes to school.

Is there any thing I can do about my first two questions?

Yes, I can, and will go to Church this Sunday.

I don’t know which one.

As I told you no one has even asked me,

however I will let God be my guide. I’m sure he knows where I belong.


Is this a neat answer, before I had written the next part,

an answer confirmed my words?

God lead us to that Rock that is higher, and may we point others.

May we teach others to share.

Someone awaits our invitation.

God has a plan, lets move.

Jesus spur us to action.

Cause us to change, and may we never look back.

Usually, I don’t share my email, but I just want to show,

if each one won one?

subj: Spin the web, I will seek Him

From: ???????????? to:


your email moved me also.

I am a Catholic by proxy.

I am Catholic because I was shipped off to my grandmothers’

whenever my mother and father separated or when my father’s beatings

became too regular.

(My father is a good man, but he has no religion, no faith.

The devil alcohol almost killed him and took away most of his life.

He remembers little of the beatings, the fighting)

I was baptized a Catholic at age 8 along with my sister, brother and

cousin who were also taken in by Grandma.

I believed in the Catholic faith enough to attend PSR on my own,

dragging my sister and brother along.

We three took our first holy communion along with my

2 cousins a year later.

I was the only one to become confirmed.

I never really did this for Jesus,

I did it to please my grandmother who was my personal saviour most of my life.

I sang in the choir and had many friends there.

The Priest who taught PSR had called us bastards because our parents

were not married in the Catholic church and said they would burn in hell.

That was it for me!

I met a man when I was 24.

We married because of a child who would be born in January.

This man did not want to be married in a Church although he came from a devout Catholic family and was even an altar boy.

He did not want to bother with the rules and restrictions of the Catholic faith.

The demon laziness got him.

We were married by the mayor in my parents back yard in ?????.

While blindly reciting vows I did not want to keep I stared into the blue waters

of Lake ????? and the regatta going on behind the mayors head.

How I wanted to run to the water and swim until I could swim no more.

How I wanted to wash the sin of temptation away and not be where my body was. My soul was in turmoil.

As I predicted, my marriage went sour.

After our son turned 17 I figured out that hubby dear was led astray.

I had met a wonderful man named ????.

I called him ?????? Angel for almost a year.

Now I call him darling. He came into my life by chance.

He saved my mortal body as well as my soul.

He took me into his arms and said, "Everything will be fine".

When I would ask him when would everything be fine he would answer,

"In God’s time".

??????? spent all his energy in helping to heal my mind, body and soul.

He kept me alive. He kept me in church! He kept me sane.

One of the first times we were together we went to a church.

We stopped at the first ?????? church we could find.

I felt so welcomed there.

I felt so safe with God and ?????? at my side.

I prayed, sang the hymns and shook hands in the sign of peace.

I did not want to leave that church.

It was the safest I had felt in a long time. I told ?????,

"I want to get married here."

I read your emails every time you send them.

I forward them to some of my friends and to my brother who is

now a deacon in a church in ?????.

(The close brush his infant daughter had with death jump-started his faith.)

But, Reverend Hughes, No email has ever touched me like your Web lesson.

This Sunday I will seek the Lord.

I was invited to attend the ??????? ????????? Assembly of God years ago.

This is where I will go, and this is where I will take ??????.

May his web entangle both of us.

Your friend,


I asked you to consider, am I spinning a web for Jesus.

Do I have a plan to actively seek the lost and bring them to the Lord.

I will close this series with a poem that absolutely

breaks my heart. I read this poem a cry.

I do not know the author to give credit to,

but this is powerful...



My friend, I stand in judgment now.

And I fill that you are to blame somehow.

On earth I walked with you day by day.

But never did you point the way.

You knew the LORD,

In His truth and His glory.

But never did you share the story! ?

My knowledge then was very dim.

You could have lead Him safely to Him.

You taught me many things,

This is true.

I called you friend,

And I trusted you.

But I have learned,

And now it is too late

You could have kept me from this fate,

We walked by day,

And talked by night,

And yet you showed me not the light.

You let me live and love,


You knew I would never live on high.

Yes, I called you friend in life,

I trusted you through JOY and strife.

And yet on coming to this end, ---



Wow God, we need you to wake us up.

We are chasing pots of gold at the rainbows end.

We know more and more, about less and less,

until we know everything about nothing...

And the church has lost it’s vision of HELL.

Teach us Lord to Spin a web for Jesus!

His servant,

Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.