Summary: Jesus gave us many precious promises in His last hours with the disciples.

Jesus Promised

John 14:1-31

Intro: This Chapter of the Gospel of John should be

familiar to every believer.

It was written the night before Jesus would go

to be crucified.

It contains many of His last words to the disciples (an us.

Jesus was in the upper room with the disciples.

He left them…and us with many precious


1. A Promised Person. Vs 1

-Jesus was the promised Messiah.

-Beginning in Genesis 2:15

-He was promised through the Patriarchs

(Abraham Gen. 12)

-He was promised through the Prophets.

Isaiah 7:14

-He was promised through the priestly

sacrifices. Heb. 9:8-14

-Because we had trusted God, we can now trust

His Son, Jesus Christ.

-He is God John 1:14

-He is trustworthy

2. A Promised Place. Vs. 2

-You have a promised mansion.

-It is a place prepared for the saints

-Revelation 21

3. A Promised Presence. Vs 3

4. A Promised Path. Vs 4-6

5. A Promised Power. Vs 11-12 (Acts 1:8)

6. Promised Prayer. Vs 13-14

7. A Promised Partner. Vs 16-18, 26

-The Comforter – the parakletos

-One who comes along side.

-He does not leave us alone. Vs 16

-He will indwell us. Vs 17

1 Corinthians 3:16

1 Corinthians 6:19

-He will be our teacher. Vs 26

8. A Promise Peace. Vs 27

-It is a peace that comes ONLY by knowing

Jesus Christ.

-It is not an outward peace like the world

tries to manufacture.

Conclusion: These Promises can be yours when you trust

Jesus Christ as your Saviour

These Promises are yours who have trusted