Summary: Gives a plan to perserve even during hard times based on how Nehemiah handle his tast

Nehemiah 4:16-23

What Are You Going to Do when the Bubble Breaks?


A. Bob Story

1. Driving down a Busy Road

2. Everything is going good

3. DEER!

4. Swerves

5. The Car Flips about 3 times

6. He is Ok

a. He had his seatbelt on

b. His Airbags saved him

B. Background

1. Originally came together with Ezra

2. Many People fell that is an Autobiography from Nehemiah

3. The Most accurate date seems to be 446

4. Nehemiah is beginning to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem

5. There were workers all spread out along the 1.5 mile radius of the wall

6. There was opposition of rebuilding the wall from Sanballot, Hoonite, Tobiah, Geshem

C. Purpose

1. We relax real easy

2. However, we need to be on guard

3. Today I would like to talk about preparation, participation, and perseverance

Preparation (16-18)

A. Explanation

1. Half of the men were fully armored

a. Spear

b. Shield

c. Bow

2. The Movers would use one hand/shoulder to carry with and one hand they would carry a sword

3. Builders needed both hands, but still had a sword at their side

B. Application

1. These men were ready, Are you prepared?

C. Illustration

1. My tire going flat and having a spare tire

Participation (19-20)

A. Explanation

1. These wall were 1.5 miles long

2. Men were spread all along the walls

3. They had a system of warning

a. First they would have to report to Nehemiah

b. Then they would have a trumpet player sound his horn

1) keep in mind that this is 1.5 mile radius

2) I heard Mr. Morden playing his trumpet one morning and it was not that loud

c. Nehemiah was not the greatest general

d. This system was not the most efficient system

4. However, this system was never put to test

5. God Is Israel’s Warrior

B. Application

1. Even though we are separated, we need to cooperation

C. Illustration

1. The Pastor passing up the Salvation Army Money

Perseverance (21-23)

A. Explanation

1. They worked LONG days

2. The workers were requested not to go home at night

a. This is to increase night watch

b. Get even more hours out of them

3. Though all workers could not afford a servant the ones that could were requested to have their servants with them

4. Never did they let there guard down

5. They even slept with their swords on

B. Application

1. We need to keep going even when things are long and we are tired

C. Illustration

1. Sore shins/Cross Country


A. Story

1. Finish Bob story

a. Shaken a little bit

b. Started heading across the road

c. Hit by a Truck

B. Purpose

1. Bob let his guard down

2. He did not have his defenses up

3. What are you going to do when your bubble breaks?

4. Are you Prepared