Summary: Jesus never tried to prove who He was. He was the only S.I.G.N. that we need to have in order to know God.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Matthew 11:25-30

Last week, we saw how Jesus introduced the Father to us. This week, let’s see how Jesus introduced Himself to His disciples. It is important for us to understand that Jesus never tried to “prove” who He was. He stated facts, and left it up to His listeners whether or not to believe or disbelieve. The Pharisees constantly sought for a sign of proof, but Jesus was the only S.I.G.N. that they needed.

First, Jesus introduced Himself as the SON .

A. Jesus plainly states that God is His Father—vv.25-26

B. Knowing the Father comes by knowing the Son-v.27.

Second, Jesus introduced Himself as the INVITATIONER

A. The first of Jesus’ three commands in these verses is for us to “come” to Him-v. 28

B. This is an invitation to trust Him completely.

C. This invitation is for those who are weary and tired.

Third, Jesus introduced Himself as the GIVER .

A. Rest is what weary and tired people want and need.

B. This rest is more than physical restoration.

C. God’s rest is more that peace with God—it is the peace “of” God.

Fourth Jesus introduced Himself as ‘NOWLEDGE .

A. Most people today have a desire to “take” from you instead of you “taking” from them—v. 29

B. Taking a yoke meant becoming a disciple.

C. Jesus’ yoke is well-fitting and made especially to meet your life and your needs.

Jesus has given you the only S.I.G.N. you need to believe. Have you met my Jesus yet?