Finding God’s Will: Turn on your headlights

Review: Yield; prayer; not complicated but we need to talk about another signpost to find the will of God; going to Knoxville a tunnel; Entering a dark tunnel sign says to turn on your headlights; what do you think this means as it relates to finding God’s will? The Illumination of Scripture to find the will of God;

IS THE WORD OF GOD IMPORTANT IN FINDING THE WILL OF GOD? Now let me ask you, ‘is it a part of your process when you are seeking to find the will of God?’

2 Timothy 3:16-17; a comprehensive statement about the word;

Question from this passage; how much of scripture is inspired? (God breathed)? How much does it bring to bear in life’s circumstances? Profitable for teaching, reproof, for correction, (when we are going the wrong way), for training in righteousness; Why did God deliver to us such a comprehensive thing as His word? That the MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD MAY BE adequate, equipped for every good work; I have found the word of God to be invaluable to me when I am entering the TUNNEL CALLED THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF LIFE to illumine my way.

Hopefully today when you leave you will be more inclined to turn your headlights on when entering the tunnel.

I want to share four truths with you about the Word of God as it relates to finding the will of God so you will maybe want to be illuminated when entering the tunnel.

1. The importance of the Word; Psalm 119:105; (question, “how important is light to our daily lives?) (A LAMP TO OUR FEET AND LIGHT TO OUR PATH)

a. Light is essential to our daily lives; would we try to walk at night on a strange and unfamiliar path with out some source of light? But yet we do as Christians; Many times throughout our lives we make life changing decision with out turning on our headlights; 1 John1: 5; says God is light and everything else is darkness as compared to Him; and yet we settle for getting on this path with out His light.

b. Light carries us along the way. Ps.119: 130; Ps. 43:3; it unfolds like a scroll; as we walk in the light it unfolds before us giving us understanding and making us wise; It is enough that we don’t stumble, but not so much that we don’t have to watch our next step; a problem with us at times, well I’ve got it now, but we don’t have it all, we only have enough to get us here, we need more to get us there, like in the tunnel, we are ‘BETWEEN HERE AND THERE; we are here, on this end of the tunnel but we have not gotten there so what do we do in the between times? KEEP THE LIGHTS ON; I don’t have enough to get me all the way through just enough for this day I will need more as I travel.

c. Psalm 19:8; light CLARIFYS OUR WAY; when I thought I was going blind, I would hold things under the light to get more light to clarify; we need light to clarify the murky waters of life for us the dark days; God can make sense of nonsense if we would only seek Him in his word; THE ILLUSTRATION OF “WE ARE GOING TO THE OTHER SIDE” Did his word make sense of the storm?

d. Light presents us with a problem; we have to make a choice; John 3:19-21;

Bottom line: God is not calling us to follow a plan, or a blue print or to go to a place, OR TAKE UP A WORK, BUT TO FOLLOW HIM, GOD IS LIGHT AND IN HIM THERE IS NO DARKNESS AT ALL;

2. IMPLEMENTING THE WORD OF GOD; How do I follow God through His word? Illustration: My dad would give me his word and I would obey and that is what is meant to follow through His word; It is not just for one circumstance, but we develop a lifetime of finding His will through His word. Now the question is how do I develop this as a habit of my heart?

a. ATTITUDE; Acts 17:11-12; attitude is everything;

a. Eager for the truth;

b. They were willing to examine the scriptures for themselves

c. They embraced the truth; willing to act on what they had learned;

b. AVALIABLE; Ps.40: 8; “I delight to do thy will” Is this true of you and me? Are we willing to put ourselves into position to discover His will? To Implement the word of God, to bring Him on line so to speak, starts with our attitude and continues with making ourselves available


A. Proclamation; you shall do this or that;

B. Prohibition; you shall not do this or that

C. Promises; for doing the will of God

D. Principles; God wisdom upon a subject; so we will know what He desires for us; He will tell us how life works; Helps for this; Nave’s topical Bible, Strong’s concordance;

4. INSUBORDINATION TO THE WORD OF GOD in finding God’s will;

a. Mishandling the Word; 2 Tim.2: 15;

b. Not getting a balanced view of Scripture; taking it out of context; no one verse stands or falls on its own;

Finding the will of God; yielding; praying; and now turning on the head lights; Seeking his will through the word;