Summary: Third message in the series "God’s Lost and Found from Luke 15. This message deals with the prodigal son and the fact that when we stray awy from God we don’t cease being His child. He welcomes us home with open arms.

We started, several weeks ago, a series of messages on God’s Lost and Found from Luke chapter 15. We came to realize that this is not three separate parables, but rather one parable with three different parts, or examples that each illustrates the love of the Lord Jesus for those that are unlovable or unloving.

In the first message we saw that Jesus is the Great Shepherd who is concerned about the one little lost sheep. Last time we were in Luke 15 we saw that the Lord Jesus searches diligently for that one lost insignificant and valuable coin. The first two messages dealt with those for whom salvation is their greatest need. Today will be for Christians who have wandered away from home.

This morning, I want to look at the last illustration in this parable, that of the Prodigal. The Lost Son. This is probably the most familiar portion of this chapter, I have a couple of messages on it and I’ve heard several others. I want you to notice several things with me from the text today as we look at Jesus once again illustrating His purpose of “seeking and saving that which was lost”.


A. The young man was thinking only of himself.

B. He wanted to “live for the now”

C. Many decide they don’t want to live for God anymore.

D. No good can come out of selfishness,


A. He hopped in his ’68 Mustang and took off.

B. He hit the open road—the world was his oyster!

C. He began to party like there was no tomorrow

D. People try to find happiness in the wrong places.

E. True joy can only be found in Christ.

F. There’s pleasure in sin---for a season


A. Finally, his money ran out

B. His “friends” split

C. The party was over

D. Those who start out living to please themselves often find themselves alone


A. This was the lowest possible humiliation for a Jew.

B. After a while the pigswill looked appetizing!

C. If you try to live high on the hog you may end up in the pigpen someday.


A. “He came to himself”

B. He realized he didn’t have it so bad at home.

C. You can’t out run God—He’ll get your attention!


A. He understood that he had sinned

B. He was willing to humble himself and repent.

C. That’s how we must come back to God!


A. The father was waiting and watching for his son.

B. He had compassion.

C. He restored him to fellowship

D. There was rejoicing

E. God welcomes His children back with open arms.

Although the son chose to go his own way, he never ceased being his father’s son. His father was waiting with open arms when he came home. All of us, since we came into the family of God, have wandered off on our own at one time or another—and we will in the future. Isn’t it great to know that we don’t stop being a child of God when that happens; but our Father will be waiting for us?