Summary: This sermon is about how David was exalt God and speaking well of Christ. And if we are going to Gossip about anything Gossip About Christ.

---------------------------The Book Of Psalms-------------------------------------------------------------------105th Division----------------------------

1. O GIVE thanks unto the Lord, call upon his name make known his deeds among the people.

2. Sing unto him, sing psalms; talk ye of his wondrous works.

-----------------------------The Book of Psalms-------------------------------------Text: Gossip About Christ {If You Are Gonna Gossip About any thing Else}.


*The Bread Of Life*

Scripture: Psalms 105:1&2 verse

Text: Gossip About Christ {If You Are gonna about anything Else}

Now in this book of Psalms the 105 Division we have some duties that need to be observed. And our duty as people of God is the give unto God the glory due unto his name. You have to understand amen that God gets the glory and our duty is to glorify his name. It’s time to stop glorifying man and given man the Credit. For you have to understand that it is God that gets the Credit.

When you woke up this morning, it wasn’t by you alarm clock. God was the woke you up.

When your able to put clothes on your back and shoes on your feet, it’s not by your will that you are able to do it, but it’s God Will that you live move and have your being.

God gets the credit: For Waking you up this Morning

For Clothing you in your Right Mind

For giving you Eyes to See

For giving you Legs to Walk On

For Ears to Hear

For Blessing you with a nice house to live in, when you knew your credit was bad.

For giving you a Second Chance even when you didn’t deserve it.

Nobody but God gets the Glory.

Reach over and slap your neighbor and say “Nobody But God”

The next duty is to give thanks unto the Lord, How many folk do I have in the building that have learn how to Give God a I thank you in spite of. And hear is where most people have a problem. We are are so busy complaining and whining to where we forget to tell God thanks anyhow. But I come to serve you notice that we as

Saints of God have to give God a so what Thanks, a so What Praise.

So what things didn’t work out like I wanted to………


So what I Rich…

So what I don’t have a Car…

So what I don’t have food in my refrigerator…

So what I only got 1 suit and 1 pair of Flip Flops……….

I still say I thank you anyhow: Thank you for Grace & Mercy

Thank You for Lil meal in the Barrel

Thank you for you Goodness

Thank you for unmerited Favor

Thank you for being a Friend

Thank you for being a Father

Thank you of being a Shelter in the time of the Storms

Thank you for looking beyond my Faults and seeing my needs.

You see when you learn how to open up your mouth a Bless God in spite of what you are going through. When you learn how to offer up a Sacrifice of Praise, in spite of your big dilemna that when God will begin to Bless you even the more. There is a saying that says when praises go up Blessing come down but I want to change it and say When Praises GROW up, Blessing will come down. Because some of us only praise God when we feel like but if you getting in your mind that when ever I walk into the house of God there is already a Pre meditated Praise in my spirit waiting to burst out and any second because he deserves the PRAISE. And get it in your mind that the more the devil try’s to deceive me the Harder I Gonna Shout and Dance.

Give somebody and say: “Your Praises got to Grow Up”

Next thing, which is our duty as men and women of God, is to talk about his wondrous works. Yes it is our job to tell people about the

Things that God is doing. That’s why the bible says to “Let the Redeem of the Lord to say so. And if God has been good to you to you then you shouldn’t have a problem with spreading the goodness of the Lord. But the problem is that we don’t want to talk About Jesus instead we want to gossip instead of telling people about the Gospel, we so busy being busy body up in people business.

We can gossip about what sally is doing behind close doors


We can gossip about what sistergurl had on today

We can gossip about how Broman aint treating his Wife Right

We can gossip about how Br. George aint paying his Tithes.

We can gossip about how good we are

We can always can lift somebody else up

We can speak well about everybody else

We can talk about how Great The Pope Is

We can gossip about this and that

But we can’t Gossip about the Goodness of the Lord.

You see saint this is why God takes us through strange things, That’s why he takes us through weird, difficult, not understanding situations, where it seems as if you down for the count, like you have nothing else left to give, nothing else left to fight. And when you are at the lowest of the low, when you are at your lowest point, that’s when God stretches forth his hand and picks you up out of muck and mire

Pick you up: Out of your Mess…

Out of your Mistakes….

Out of your Sorrow…

Out of your Pain…

Out of your Misery…

Out of your Sickness…

From that Heart Attack…

From that Cancer…

Picks you Up: From that Bad Relationship…

From those Bad Habits…

Out of your Hang Ups

Out of your Sinking Sand.

So that you may be a living witness, so that God ay be glorified, And the Devil Horrified, and the People of God Edified.. So that you can be a living testimony and testify and let somebody know that God is ABLE to do anything. God is ABLE to do thee impossible. He’s able to do exceeding, abundantly, and above all you could even think are ask. That’s why I like the saying Every time I turn around he always making a way.


As a matter of fact he does so much to where I can’t do nothing but sit back and laugh.

He does so much to where I can’t do nothing but sit back and cry with tears of joy.

He does so much to where I can’t do nothing but Give God Radical Praise

He does so much to where he leaves my mind puzzle, in how he brought me out of Egypt into a Wealthily Place

He does so much to where I can’t do nothing but find myself like Paul and say What Shall I Render unto the Lord for all of his Good ness

He does so much to were I find myself like David and just begin to lay prostraight in his presence.

He does so much to where I can’t do nothing but rear back and say Lord I thank You. Because I realize that he an awesome God and he blesses me with more than what I ask him for.

Reach over give somebody hifi and say: “God Is Able”

I come to serve you notice that if we are going to gossip about anything It ought to be about Christ. It’s time for us to change our conversation. We need to get to the point to where if it’s not about Christ I Don’t want to hear it.

Eyeball your neighbor and say: “I Don’t To Hear It”

I don’t wanna hear no mess

I don’t wanna hear about who slept with who

I don’t want to hear the numbers to the Lottery

I don’t wanna hear about who aint living Right

Reminds me of the lady off the Wiz She said don’t know body better Bring me no bad News

I don’t want to hear no mess.

Because if I listen to to much mess:

I might miss my Blessing

I might miss my Deliverance


I might miss my Miracle

I might miss my Financial Blessing

I might miss my Breakthrough

I might miss a Prophetic word for my life

I might miss his Presence

I might miss a Divine Word the God has sent for my Life

So instead of me being in tune with the unnecessary things. I have to reprogram and listen to what God has to say.

Because I know that what God has to say is gonna bring victory into my Life

What he has to say is gonna bring Peace in my Mind

What he has to say is gonna help me handle me a little Better

What God has to say is gonna feed my inner Man

What he has to say is gonna show me how to kick the Devil out of my life.

Look and your neighbor and say: “Stay in tune with Christ”

This is why we have testimony service. This is why testimony was services was invented so that we may testify about what God is doing for us. Because when you testify you don’t know who you are helping, you don’t who you are encouraging. Some body could be on the verge of a Nervous breakdown, on the verge of giving up, on the verge of doing mass murder but because of your testimony that made they decided to hang on in there and stay in the race.

So as I bring this to a close, I come to let you know that I don’t mind telling people about Christ. I don’t mine telling people that he is: The Way, The Truth and The Life

Lilley of the Valley Jehovah Nissi

Bright and Morning Star Jehovah Tsidkenu

Prince of Peace Jehovah Shalom

Everlasting Father Jehovah Shammah

El Shaddi Omnipresence

El Elohim Alpha and Omega

First & Last


The time has come where we need to change our conversation to Jesus. It’s time to discuss Jesus. It’s time to Lift Jesus Up. Because there is something about the name Jesus.

It’s time to stop talking about everybody else and start talking about Christ.

Because the more I talk about Christ the more he will bless me

The more I lift him up the more people will be drawn to Christ

The more I praise him, the more blessings is coming my way

The more I preach about Christ, the more he is gonna endow me with Word

The more I testify, the better I will overcome by the word of the testimony

The more I worship him, the more I become one with Christ

The more I exalt Him, the more he will exalt me.

So it’s time to tell the world that Jesus is Real, tell them that Jesus is the best thing that ever happen to me. Tell them how he is healing the sick and raising the dead. Tell them that he so the Great I’ am, tell them that God Is Able.

He’s ABLE: To fix your problems meet you needs

Mend your marriage save thee unsaveable

Deliver Set Free

Lose the shackles Turn it around late in the midnight hour.

Oh God what matter of man is this that even the wind and sea obey him.

What matter of man is this that can speak to the winds and storms and say peace be still. His name is Jesus.

We all are living witness of Christ works. Some of us know that we shouldn’t be here today. You know you grace and mercy should have ran out a long time ago. You know you blew it you knew you should been dead.

But God who is rich in mercy gave you a second chance.

And brought you from that crack house

Deliver you from the Dance floor

Deliver you from drugs

That’s why you owe God A Praise.

Reach over and slap your neighbor and say, “You owe God A Praise”, {lab.}


Reminds me of Tramline Hawkins songs that say that he’ll walk right in front of you hell always protect you so the Devil can’t do you no harm. Why because he’s that kind of friend.

*And The Word of the Lord Is Blessed*