Summary: To let people know that your life is worth living, no matter how hard the trial, still life is worth living.



Sometimes the storms of life are raging, the winds will blow and trouble comes, and sometimes you don’t know if life is worth living. When people do you wrong, and things begin to fall apart you ask yourself is life worth living? We go through certain issues in life and we go through them for so long, we ask the question is life really worth living? Certain issues in life take us through and we feel like we don’t have anything left in life for which to live. I’m here to tell you that the tougher your trials the less life seem worth living. What do you mean by that preacher? Well, if you were to ask a man who makes lots of money, and is able to travel and see the world, is life worth living, he would tell you yes life is worth living. If you would ask a woman who is independent and has all she needs, is life worth living, she would tell you yes life is worth living. But if you were to go to the other side of town where I’m from, and ask that man that can barely provide for his family, is life worth living you would probably get a different answer. If you were to ask him who is living from check to check to feed and clothe his wife and children, is life worth living, he would look you in your face and tell you no. If you were to ask that mother who is trying to raise that family all by herself, she got two jobs just to provide for them, if you would ask her she would tell you that sometimes it gets hard and no at times life doesn’t seem worth living. You see many people try to measure life by the things they have and the money they have obtained, but joy is not in the labels you wear, but in the fruit you bare. I stopped by to tell you that look up and be encouraged; God is still on yourside.

I know what you’re saying, sometimes these trials knock me down and it seems like nobody cares, but I have you to know he cares for you. Because the Bible says cast your fears upon him for he cares for you. Storms come and they hold me down and sometimes I wish I wasn’t even born, sometimes I wander is life worth living. For in our text this woman had an issue for 12 long years, and I’m sure there came a time during her issue when she asked herself is life worth living? The Bible says that she didn’t have anymore money to busy any medicine, I’m sure she asked herself the question, is life worth living. But I’m told though she was going through her issue, she heard that Jesus was passing by. And I’m sure that when she heard this she was still contemplating was her life worth living. You know how it is when you’ve been going through an issue and it seems like life is not worth living. And so she decided that after she had tried everything else, she would try Jesus. The Bible tells me that she went out in the midst of the multitude. She started out at the back of the line, but she begins making steps toward Jesus. You see she was making steps of faith that’s what we have to do. We got to step out on faith, and try Jesus. I heard my grandmother say, try Jesus he’s all right. And I tell you that when you’ve tried Jesus you will find out life is worth living. Now this woman was back there all by herself, she was back there with no one to encourage her, so she encouraged herself. As Christians there is going to be times when we wont have anyone to encourage us, so we will have to encourage ourselves. Because when you are able to keep yourself going, then you’ll find life is worth living.

While she was back there she didn’t have anybody to preach to her so she preached to herself. There are going to be times in your life when your pastor want be around to minister to you, and you’ll have to preach to yourself. You’ll have to keep yourself going, when the middle of the night comes, and the tears are flowing, and your preacher is not there, you’ll have to preach yourself. And when you realize that you have just as much power as your preacher, then you’ll realize that life is worth living. The Bible says that as time moved on she saw Jesus, and let me tell you, when you see Jesus things change. When you see Jesus you can’t act the way you used to. When you see Jesus your trials and tribulations don’t seem so hard. Because you can not be mean, nasty, and narrow minded and see God at the same time. Don’t let people fool you. Because if you do the same things you used to, you have not seen God. She found herself looking at Jesus, and I’m told she touched him and she was healed. When you get a taste of Jesus, you will find out that life is worth living. Because David said it best when he said “oh taste and see that the Lord is good.” When you allow God to come into your life, then you’ll find that I have something to live for. Sometimes down and out, but life is worth living. Because as long as I have got King Jesus, I don’t need anybody else. Don’t have any money, but I’m still living. Bills are due and don’t have a job, but I’m going to keep on living. Friends turned their back on me, but I’m still living. My family let me down, but I’m still going to live. Because this morning when I rose I didn’t have any doubt that the Lord has delivered me. Since I laid my burdens down I feel better. Because of Jesus now I know that life is worth living.