Summary: Brief outline from a message given at a nursing home, but suitable for any audience.

Hang on to Him!

Psalm 73:23-24

23 Yet I am always with you;

you hold me by my right hand.

24 You guide me with your counsel,

and afterward you will take me into glory.

Four promises from God in this passage:

1. He promises us His Presence (v. 23).

2. He promises His strength and comfort (23).

Illustration: Occasionally my young daughter, Olivia will wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. She cries and calls out for me to take her. She knows where the bathroom is, and can reach the light switch. But as soon as I take her hand, she feels much safer, and she can go to the bathroom and go back to bed. The key wasn’t my ability to walk her to the bathroom. The key was that she felt safe with me - her big, strong Daddy, who cared and comforted her during a time of fear. She put her trust in me. That’s the kind of childlike faith God wants from us.

3. He promises His guidance (v. 24).

4. He promises His salvation (v. 24).