Summary: Christ is the one who reconciles man to God

Reconciliation to God

Ephesians 2:11-22

Purpose Statement: To encourage believer to understand that Christ is the one who reconciles us

Christ isn’t partial to social status, race, nationality or culture.

I. The former condition of the Gentiles (2:11,12)

1.) They had been treated with contempt by the Jews. Barclay says that the barrier between Jew and Gentile was absolute. If a Jew married a Gentile, the funeral of that Jew was carried out. Even to go into a Gentiles house rendered a Jew unclean. Gentiles were seen by Jews as fuel for the fire of hell. Gentiles wee discouraged from coming inside the temple with threats of being put to death. They had to stay on the outside of the temple area.

2.) They were spiritually bankrupt. Paul says that they were without hope and without God. He calls them foreigners and aliens

Aliens means separation and estrangement

Foreigners means having no share in the covenant. The Gentiles at that time had no hope as a people beyond death. Idea of foreign- being in a different time, language, customs and culture.

II. The New Relationship of the Gentile (2:13-22)

vs.13- Paul moves to the present with the phrase “but now”

1.) Gentiles and Jews Reconciled to One Another (vs.13-16) The means of this new relationship to Christ is the blood of Jesus.

vs.14- Christ not only makes peace, but He Himself is the very substance of it. Christ abolished the hostility, the prejudice, the walls between us.

vs.15- Christ abolished our approaching God thru commandment, sacrifice, law and regulations. The idea isn’t just changing, but making new. In Christ, Jew and Gentile are brought together to be the people of God.

vs.16 He brings them together and makes them one body.

One New Year’s Eve at London’s Garrick Club, British dramatist Frederick Lonsdale was asked by Symour Hicks to reconcile with a fellow member. The two had quarreled int he past and never restored their friendship. “You must,” Hicks said to Lonsdale. “It is very unkind to be unfriendly at such a time. Go over now and wish him a happy New Year.”

So Lonsdale crossed the room and spoke to his enemy. “I wish you a happy New Year,” he said, “but only one.”

2.) Gentile and Jew at Peace with God (vs.16-18) There is no one else thru whom we can be reconciled. Christ by His death secured peace.

Access- vs.18- unhindered approach to God, continual access.

Romans 5:10 says that while we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of His Son.”

3.) Gentiles and Jew Sharing the Privileges and Blessings of the Gospel (vs.19-22)

Paul refers to them as a nation, a family and a building.

Now not only are they not estranged, but are members of God’s household. Christ is the chief cornerstone of the building. He holds it together and gives it unity.


1. Christ tears down walls between people. Man builds up walls. God builds bridges. He treats everyone the same. He doesn’t show partiality.

2. There is only unity in Christ.

3. We make up on vast, diverse family and each one is important.