Summary: In being able to step back and see life’s issues before us; we can learn to see clearly and assist others in seeing more clearly as well.

Spiritual Sight is Valuable to Believers

Pastor Phillip A. Wright

Luke 6:39-42

Introduction: This morning we are going to take a look at one of the most widely known parables in the entire New Testament. The parable concerns one having a speck or a plank in their eye. As we take a fresh look at this passage lets look afresh at the Lord’s reason for giving us such a solid illustration. Are we hypocritical or not?

Attention: Jesus used parables in many instances to get his point across to the disciples and the crowds. The word parable is actually a picture of what the word means. It is a story along side another story used to accentuate a particular truth. A parable makes its point by using common illustrations. The parable generally also gives a timeless truth which can be applied across the span of time and in different cultures.

Today we will look at a parable which actually has three sections each of which has its own place in the understanding of the overall parable. Let’s read: Luke 6:39-42

Need: Every believer needs to be able to recognize the many dangers and pitfalls of life as well as the many good opportunities.

Textual Idea: In our passage, Luke points how to avoid the many pitfalls of life and being hypocritical toward others. In reality our avoidance of bring hypocritical will in turn enhance your credibility and usefulness to God.

Sermon Idea: In being able to step back and see life’s issues before us; we can learn to see clearly and assist others in seeing more clearly as well.

Interrogative: So let me ask this morning’s question: Why does God want us to have spiritual perception or sight?

Transition: Our text this morning suggests five things that good inner Spiritual Sight will enhance in your daily walk as a Christian.

1. Spiritual Sight will keep a Disciple from Falling

Explanation: Just as physical vision keeps you from falling – so spiritual vision will also keep you out of the many pitfalls of life.

Illustration: Spiritual Sight just like Vision is the capacity to create a compelling picture of the desired state of affairs that inspires people to respond; that which is desirable, which could be, should be; that which is attainable. A godly vision is right for the times, right for the church, and right for the people. A godly vision promotes faith rather than fear. A godly vision motivates people to action. A godly vision requires risk-taking. A godly vision glorifies God, not people.

By: Bob Logan.

Argumentation: A person without physical sight cannot effectively lead. Likewise, one who is spiritually blind yet leads will in all probability cause both suffer and possibly perish.

Application: How is your Spiritual Sight? Can you see through the haze which surrounds so many in our world?

Transition: Not only will Spiritual sight keep a Disciple from falling but it will help you to grow spiritually so that in time the disciple can become like the teacher.

2. Spiritual Sight will enable the Disciple to be like the Teacher

Explanation: The disciple is but a learner but in time he will be like the teacher.

Illustration: Karl Barth once said, “The Word became flesh--and then through theologians it became words again. It is extremely important that our words not be fuzzy. For the disciple to effectively learn the teacher must teach clearly.

Argumentation: It does not seem logical to believe that anyone would truly want to be lacking in spiritual insight or knowledge.

Application: It is of paramount importance that we have the vision to see ourselves for what we are but also to see ourselves as we can become if we allow God to speak to our hearts.

Transition: Spiritual Sight will enable you to see issues in the lives of others.

3. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to focus correctly

Explanation: A speck is any type of an issue on your life.

Illustration: The captain of the Titanic refused to believe the ship was in trouble till water was ankle deep in the mail room. Only then was it apparent the multi-layered hull had been pierced and the unsinkable ship was going to sink. Ships that could have arrived before the great ocean liner went down weren’t summoned until it was too late. All too often when we have the information we need to make a proper decision we tend to doubt the information.

Argumentation: Only God can give the discernment which would enable you to see speck or issues in other’s lives.

Application: You have the ability to see issues brewing in the lives of others about you but do you have the wisdom to point out the issues so that growth can take place and not alienation.

Transition: Spiritual Sight will also enable a Disciple to look inwardly as God does and see issues in our lives

4. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to admit and remove the plank from his/her own eye

Explanation: See (inwardly) & admit your own issues (planks).

Illustration: In the movie “Matthew” the actor portraying the Lord held up a log by his face when teaching on this topic to physically show how ridiculous is to think that you can help others to see small issues in their lives while you have a much greater issue in your life which you are ignoring.

Argumentation: You cannot see to help others while hiding or trying to ignore issues in your own life.

Application: How much can God use you for his kingdom if you did not have the plank stuck in your eye?

Transition: Spiritual Sight will enable you to take the necessary action to correct your issues and render you more usable by God to assist others in their growth.

5. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to remove a speck from a brother or sister’s eye.

Explanation: Spiritual Sight enables you to help others to see and be useful to the kingdom of God.

Illustration: In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” Jimmy Stewart had many dreams for himself but in time he decided that it was for the greater good to help others and to serve their needs which in turn gave him all the happiness and success that he ever wanted.

Argumentation: Spiritual sight does not come from your efforts but rather from God’s grace in our lives. The closer we get to God the better our sight becomes.

Application: It is far greater to help others in their growth than to pat yourself on the back because you are so spiritually insightful and valuable to the Kingdom.

Transition: Each of us has something to offer God’s kingdom but nothing is more valuable to God than a yielded and contrite heart. Whenever we feel that God is so lucky to have you or me then we are clearly staked out in front of the Cross of Christ with our name on a glowing neon sign and our real value to His kingdom is gone. All we do has to be about the Lord and His kingdom not about us and how good we are and how willing we are to be seen as we serve.

6. Conclusion:

Visualization: Remember the comment about the actor portraying Jesus in the film “Matthew?” That is just how silly we look when we try to act as though we have no issues when in fact we know that we do and that we are lying about it to ourselves and others.


1. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to keep from Falling

2. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to be like the Teacher

3. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to focus correctly

4. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to admit and remove the plank from his/her own eye

5. Spiritual Sight will enable a Disciple to remove a speck from a brother or sister’s eye

Action: It is essential for us to acknowledge that our abilities are tied directly to our faithfulness to God.


• Do you rely on God for your smallest of problems or do you try to hide them?

• Why not trust Him today?